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The Curse of Westwind Ranch

Updated: Dec 19, 2018

Everybody who worked on Westwind Ranch heard the stories that it was haunted but year after year the new guys never believed to it. They called it an old wives tale, a silly curse made up to scare the newbies on their first night at the ranch. Only the old hands and the ranch owners knew the truth - the stories were real and the ghosts were very active in the summer seasons.

The story goes that back in the late eighteen-hundreds the ranch owner at the time was having an affair with one of his ranch hands. His wife had no idea what was going and he made a show of suppressing his homosexual feelings, pretending to be as straight as a man could possibly be. Behind closed doors though he was a sensual lover and promised his employee the world. 

Unfortunately that promise never came to fruition because the ranch owner’s wife discovered them together. Before either of the men could try and rationalize the situation, she had shot the ranch hand and turned the gun on her husband. After a short scuffle, he tripped over and smashed his head against some nearby equipment, killing him instantly. A few short weeks later and the wife left the ranch to her nephew before leaving in the middle of the night, never to be seen again.

For over a hundred years there have been stories of the two men roaming the outskirts of the ranch as ghosts, looking for eager young men to possess and continue their affair. At first it was all talk but then ranch hands began disappearing for days and turning up shirtless, in love with themselves and each other. Given the cruelty of history this didn’t always end well for the men but almost as soon as they were dismissed, two more ranch hands become showing the same symptoms.

In recent years, the current owner Bill has taken to warning all of the young men that work on his ranch about the ghosts. Unfortunately none of them seem to take much attention and there’s always one or two that sneak out in the middle of the night and return with a strange look in their eye and an insatiable lust for cock that wasn’t present before.

The truth was some twenty years ago Bill had been one of those foolish young men who thought the ‘curse’ was a load of old bullshit. He’d decided to take a trip into town with his best friend, intending to hit the bars and pick up some chicks, only to get lost in the woods just outside the ranch. 

Seeing a light through the trees, the two young men had rushed towards it until the ended up in a clearing facing two other men. These men were pearly white and somewhat transparent which shocked Bill and his friend enough to keep them rooted to the spot. They barely had enough time to scream before the ghosts shot towards them, forcing themselves into the young men’s mouths and settling in with relative ease.

What followed was one of the best summers Bill had ever experienced. He could still remember every little thing even though he was living his life from the passenger seat for a good three months while Marlon, the long dead ranch owner, strode around in his body giving the other boys sexual favors and acting more like a hired stripper than a professional ranch hand. It was enough to get Bill hooked on the ranch and while he was never possessed again after that year, he always enjoyed being serviced by the younger men who were.

This year one of those guys was Rowan. He was invited into the nearby town by a pretty girl he’d met in passing and left the ranch in the middle of the night to meet her for their date. Needless to say, he never made it.

No, Rowan turned up a few days later with his shirt missing and his jeans unbuckled, eagerly eyeing up the hot young men staring at him in confusion. “What’s up, studs?” he drawled, Southern accent thicker than it ever had been. The men knew instantly what had happened to him and reluctantly accepted the truth that had seemed so unbelievable at first: the stories were true after all!

You’d think that would be the end of the tale but no. Even with one man already possessed by a horny gay ghost, another one of the ranch hands was caught sneaking out of the ranch in the middle of the night to meet a pretty girl in town only to meet the second ghost, eager to be reunited with his lover…

Maybe next year the fresh young ranch hands will all believe the story and nobody will end up getting possessed. Then again, why break tradition?

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