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Alternative Uses (Part II)

Updated: Mar 23, 2019

This is a sequel to “Alternative Uses of Grindr” as chosen by my patrons as part of my 5 Years of Cavanaugh event.

I must say, of all the bodies I’ve slipped into over the past few years, Cody here definitely ranks in the top five. Maybe even top three if I’m feeling generous. To say that my time in his body has been fun would be a complete understatement. I’ve been having the time of my life which is why I’ve spent months as him, more than any other host body I can recall!

Now all good things must come to an end - but for a guy like me, going from strength to strength is pretty damn easy. I hadn’t spent more than a few minutes in my own body for years and I certainly had no plans to drop my standards either. Thankfully the past few months had proven that finding suitable guys for my next vacation body wasn’t difficult because boy oh boy had I had my fair share of twinks and jocks enjoying the glorious muscles of Cody’s furry body!

All I had to do was turn to an old friend for a little help. A friend that had never let me down and always kept me on the move. Yup, I’m talking about good old reliable Grindr. It was how I found Cody after all and it was the quickest and easiest way to ensure that I could get guys alone long enough to slip out of my current body and into theirs. I’d miss being Cody for sure but I was ready for some new adventures and much to my delight, I already had a number of guys lining up for my attention, completely unknowing of how much fun they were really in store for with me.

Of all the leather daddies and gym lovers that showered me with compliments and promises of a good time, it was Casey that stood out most. I was immediately enraptured with his model good looks and defined body. I could already imagining running my tongue along those solid abs of his and there was no doubt in my mind that I would love seeing his face in the mirror every morning for the next few weeks at the very least.

Needless to say, I wasn’t disappointed when Casey arrived at the door under an hour later. His shirt was stretched tight over his pecs while his skinny jeans hugged dearly around his glorious thighs that I could hardly wait to get between. Within minutes the clothes had been removed and we had constructed a chaotic path to the bedroom, pushing away and destroying anything that dared oppose our wild carnal adventure.

I took great pleasure in exploring Casey’s body with my hands and tongue, knowing it would all be mine to enjoy for a lot longer than the stud expected. Every little moan that escaped his lips was a symphony to my ears and man could he beg! His whimpering of delight was almost enough to push me over the edge and I could tell from his smirk that he knew precisely what he was doing.

Overcome by the intensity of our passionate explorations, Casey threw himself back onto the sheets and closed his eyes to enjoy a blissful moment, giving me the perfect opportunity to strike. Pulling out of Cody’s body for the first time in what felt like forever, I wasted no time in pushing forward into Casey. He let out one of his glorious moans in surprise as his body began to host my spirit and much to my delight I found this takeover much easier than I had with Cody.

Within moments I was entirely settled in Casey’s body, putting the young man to sleep in the back of his own mind. The real Cody was blissfully asleep and when he awoke he’d have very few memories of the past several months but that was hardly any of my concern. Besides, I was sure that I could easily distract him enough to stop him from asking questions before making an escape.

First though, I intended to do what Casey’s briefs instructed me to do and take a selfie in my new body, totally shirtless and looking like a snack! This was definitely one to keep in my private records for years to come. Hell, maybe I’d hit up that cute twink Jackson again. I didn’t doubt that he’d love to get his lips on a stud like this! 

Jackson and any other potential suitors - of which I was sure there would be many - would have to get in line though. The obvious fact was that it would quite simply be rude not to have a round two with Cody. After all, it was the least he deserved after accommodating me for so long!

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