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Forward In Time

Rick had managed to get his apartment for pretty cheap because he was told that its original occupant over fifty years ago had been a witch who had mysteriously vanished inside and had never been seen again.

Not one to care for silly conspiracy theories about hauntings, he signed on the dotted line and moved his stuff into his new home without any hesitation.

Everything was fine for the first few months and Rick had no reason to suspect that there was any truth to those spooky stories the housing agency had warned him about. His girlfriend stayed over for a few nights each week and the only moans and groans around the apartment were the ones they were causing from their hot love-making. Their neighbors were too spooked out and paranoid about the threat of ghosts to even complain which Rick frankly thought was pretty hilarious.

All that changed in a single night. During one of their passionate sex marathons the young couple were disturbed by a strange noise coming from the lounge, like that of an animal’s cry of prey, which was followed by a croaking voice muttering quietly. “Stay here,” Rick warned his girlfriend quietly before going to investigate the noise. Standing at six-foot-six and weighing in at two-hundred and ten pounds of solid muscle, he saw no reason to be afraid of any intruder. They’d learn their lesson for breaking into the wrong house, that was for sure!

As he arrived in the lounge though, Rick was greeted by the sight of a swirling blue portal which rapidly vanished moments later. In its place was the infamous witch he had been warned about and never even stopped to consider might be real. Her skin was pale grey and covered in a strange mixture of scales and burn marks which gave her an inhuman appearance. Her big eyes were wild and there were flames in her irises. Just meeting her gaze sent shivers down the grown man’s spine. Rick wanted to yell in defiance and charge at her, do anything to protect his girlfriend, but found himself struck mute and totally rooted to the spot. Magic. Holy shit, she’s using her magic on me!

“You’ll do,” the witch croaked before leaping forward with an agility Rick could never have expected from her. In mid-air her physical form shifted into a smoke-like gas and shot straight between his open lips, spreading out inside of his tall and powerful body. It felt like he was being burned from the inside out and was quite easily the most painful thing he’d ever experienced, which said a lot considering he’d been involved in pretty much any contact sport he could attempt back in college. None of those physical bumps and blows could compare to the agony he felt as his body was invaded.

For a few moments Rick’s entire life flashed before his eyes. The next thing he knew, he was moving again, although unfortunately for him he was no longer the one in control. He could feel the dark magic inside him, inspecting all of his memories as the witch settled in front of the mirror. “Yes, I think this will last me a good while,” she groaned, admiring her new hunky reflection as she flexed her arms and bounced her pecs.

Now that the witch was inside of him, Rick could see some of her memories too; just brief flashes but enough to reveal the truth to him. The witch was hundreds of years old and had once appeared just as human as he was until the 1920s when she had begun dabbling in dark magic. Over time it had consumed her and contorted her flesh, giving him the demonic appearance he had been confronted with moments before. In the 1960s she found herself on the run from a warlock who sought to kill her and take her dark power for himself. In order to escape him she attempted a time travel spell, one that had shot her almost fifty years into the future, right into his home where she had taken his body for herself. The warlock was long dead and there was nothing to stop her from continuing her experiments with dark magic in his body.

“Now, shall we see if I can satisfy your whore?” she suggested in his deep voice, seemingly addressing him. Rick was totally helpless, his mind slipping away even as the witch began to approach the bedroom where his girlfriend was waiting for you. He watched as his hand reached up to knock on the door a few times. “Hey babe, open up. It’s just me. I think the noise was just the neighbors!” The door opened and a pair of arms were thrown around his shoulders. The last thing Rick felt was the taste of a kiss before everything went dark and he slipped into the recess of the witch’s mind...

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