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Room For Two

Updated: Dec 15, 2018

This story is part of a collaboration with @ghostinthedude! You’ll find his part of the story over on his blog!

Brant was pretty content with his life right now. He was enjoying some time off from acting while also maintaining his physique and touring the world doing convention stops to maintain his finances. Meeting so many fans also meant that he had the chance to have his body worshiped and he was never going to complain about that. He put all the hard work in for a reason, after all!

The hard work paid off in spades and Brant enjoyed every moment like it was a reward, particularly when he got to show off for the camera. He’d been hired to do a photoshoot for a line of new leather jackets and the designers had even gifted him a few for personal use too! Brant was never one to turn down a free gift, especially not when they were leather jackets. There were few items of clothing he enjoyed wearing quite so much and he knew he looked damn good in them too!

In the middle of doing his thing and blessing the camera with his good looks, Brant was interrupted by the arrival of a cop. He was a handsome guy, sure, and pretty damn buff too, but Brant’s sexual desires were strictly limited to women - well, and the twinks who were willing to worship his hot body and thick cock if there weren’t any slutty chicks around. He lived a strictly ‘no homo’ lifestyle and was pretty damn proud of it.

While Brant was a little annoyed at the interruption, he wasn’t dumb enough to talk back to a cop and agreed to answer a few questions for him. Mere seconds after his agreement though, the other man began to look queasy and unsteady on his feet. Mildly concerned, Brant suggested that sit down and moved off to grab some water for him. While there was no denying that his confidence sometimes edged into arrogance, Brant wasn’t really a bad guy and he was nice enough to feel concerned about strangers when they were clearly unsettled.

Filling up a small glass of water, the actor made to head back to the other room but had barely taken a step before he felt something barrel into him. For a moment Brant felt his mouth fill up as if he’d taken a huge bite of food  but he quickly came to realize that the truth was far more confusing. There was something invading him, spreading all throughout his body and fighting him for control! Brant could only splutter and gasp, reaching at his throat as he felt the new presence force itself into the driver’s seat of his body.

“Holy crap… It worked.” The words were said with Brant’s voice but they certainly weren’t his own. What the fuck is going on?! His attempts to scream out in confusion were fruitless as instead his body took a sip from the water he’d poured out just moments before and sauntered in front of the mirror. There was no confusing the expression on his face - whoever was currently riding in Brant’s body, they were checking him out and it both turned the real Brant on and left him even more confused.

“Not bad, I must say Brant. Think we can get laid tonight?” Wait, what? Brant didn’t want to believe this was happening but it had been his voice speaking those words - his lips moving without any prompting from his own mind. He had been forced into the passenger seat of his own body and it was the strangest experience of his whole life. 

“Well well, I guess I’m getting better at possession since I turned you on from the possession too babe!” his voice continued and Brant was ashamed to admit that it was the truth. His cock was making its presence known by tenting out his jeans to an obscene extent. While he wanted to believe that this was just a dream, or perhaps more accurately a nightmare, he was too aware of his body and what was happening for it to be anything other than reality.

“I’m a horny cum slut. Please fuck me all night daddy.” No, no, no! He hadn’t just said that, had he? Even though he knew it wasn’t his own thoughts being broadcast aloud, the homoerotic implication of his words left the actor seriously concerned. The questions were piling up but there was no way for him to even show the internal panic as instead his body moved to sit down next to the unconscious police officer and began to play with itself.

Brant was no stranger to jerking off - although he much preferred having somebody’s lips around his shaft instead - but experiencing it while somebody else was controlling his body was unlike anything else. His mind couldn’t help but react to the pleasurable sensations spreading throughout his body and Brant could feel himself falling deeper and deeper inside of himself with each stroke of his cock, losing the fight to whoever or whatever had jumped into him.

With his mind fading in and out as a result of the radiating pleasure, Brant was barely aware as his body hit climax and his blew his load over himself and the cop still completely out of it next to him. The sensations going through the actor’s mind were overwhelming to say the least - his body felt like it was burning up and as the cop unknowingly licked his finger clean, Brant knew it was hopeless to resist anymore. In a way, this was actually somewhat relaxing and, dare he say it, fun!

Giving in turned out to be the best thing Brant could possibly do. He felt like he was encompassed in pleasure, blissfully experiencing his body being controlled by another. Even the ghost’s apparent preference for men didn’t bother him, not even when his body was fucked for the first time.

Everything felt natural to Brant and he found his own thoughts and feelings merging with that of the ghost’s. The loss of individuality should have been terrifying but it truly wasn’t. Until he got control of his body back - if that ever happened - Brant was more than happy to go along for the ride and let his body’s new driver take him on a journey!

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