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Revisited: Beach Temptations

Being a body hopper, I don’t tend to stick in one body for long periods of time. In fact I think the longest I’ve stayed in a body over the past five years is probably two weeks. Sure there are bodies that I find more aesthetically pleasing than others and enjoy playing around in their lives but there are billions of men out there in the world and I want to experience as many of their bodies as I can - as long as they’re sexy, of course. You won’t find me hopping into any overweight elderly bodies, that’s for sure.

Back when I first read aloud the Latin incantation from the grimoire I found in my late grandmother’s attic I thought I had cursed myself to live a lonely life, unable to truly connect with other people. It took some time but eventually I grew to see it as the blessing in disguise it really was. Just by maintaining eye contact with another man and concentrating I can push myself out of my body and into theirs. If you don’t think that’s awesome then I don’t want to hear your opinion from now on.

This morning I decided to take a trip to the beach so I could enjoy the hot new body I had taken on. Big muscles, tribal tattoos and awesome facial hair… I was a damn stud and I had every intention of showing it off!

I had encountered this guy at the gym a few days ago and decided to make the switch from the bodybuilder I had been possessing at the time to somebody leaner but even more handsome. I was rather thrilled to find out that this stud had a pretty devoted sex-hungry girlfriend too and even though my preference has always leaned towards men I didn’t hesitate to take advantage of that. Why would I when I was such a masculine stud and she was practically begging for me?

As much as I was enjoying the body and all the benefits that came with it though, I could never stop myself from eyeing up potential candidates for my next body. It was no surprise that my flexing and strutting down the beach caught the attention of pretty much every woman but it also brought about the hungry eyes of some men too and those were the ones I focused on.

Eventually I found exactly the kind of guy I knew I would enjoy being. He was tall, lean and had a typical ‘pretty boy’ face with golden blonde hair. As if that wasn’t enough he was packing a pretty huge bulge and I could see it tenting as he watched me. The icing on the cake was that his clueless boyfriend’s arms were wrapped around his shoulder, unaware that the golden beauty currently had eyes for somebody else.

Our eyes locked and within seconds I had wished my current body goodbye and surged forwards. I felt my spirit invade his lean body, spreading out and claiming it for myself as I gained all of his thoughts and memories. My new name was Louis Parker and I was currently in the process of being spoiled by my boyfriend with a day on the beach and then a romantic dinner because it was my birthday!

I guess I really lucked out on this one, huh? I never was good at resisting temptations but now I’m pretty damn glad I didn’t!

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