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Just Another One Of Dad’s Trips

Updated: Dec 15, 2018

I’ve gotta say, being in Hideo’s body hasn’t been nearly as much of an easy ride as I was expecting it to be. My son would always go on about how cool Hideo was, how he always had girls fussing over him, how he was the most popular boy in their whole school. It sounded like the perfect escape for my next solo “vacation” so I got into contact with my friend Hela and had her organize the trip from my body to his.

My son of course has no idea what I’m actually doing on these business trips of mine. He thinks I’m off in a stuffy office somewhere in England while he gets to enjoy some relaxed time with his favorite uncle. For that matter my brother doesn’t know what I get up to while he’s looking after my son because I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t agree to take him in if he knew I was actually possessing younger men to enjoy their bodies and lives for a week at a time?

Hideo was every bit as gorgeous as my son implied he was - I know for a fact that my son’s closeted and despite having no issue with his sexuality I’m not about to force him out of the closet - and my first few hours in the young Asian stud’s body were glorious. I felt like a god among men now that I was in the most athletic body I had ever taken a ‘trip’ into.

What I didn’t appreciate ahead of time though was just how much work goes into maintaining this ripped body. The diet’s unappealing and the training is grueling at the best of times. I’ve already completed three football practices that have left me panting for breath and weak on my knees because the coach expects Hideo to be his star player!

I think I’m starting to have some regrets jumping into Hideo’s body. This was supposed to be a fun week out of my own boring life but it’s more stressful then I ever anticipated. Something tells me I’m going to be exhausted by the time this ‘trip’ wears off and I’ll need another one in a far more casual life because right now this doesn’t feel like a vacation at all!

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