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Checking My Emails

Updated: Dec 15, 2018

Oh, joy of joys… another jock transformation request. At least this one’s willing to pay more than the last few. Once upon a time I was right there with you, dreaming of having big muscles and small brain cells but the older I get, the more refined my taste is.

Of course a job is a job and who am I to deny a paying customer? They come to me to be transformed and I give them what they want. Sometimes I even have a bit of fun with it - taking even more IQ off than they’ve requested or packing a bigger package just to see how they deal with having such an obscene bulge.

Dumb jocks might not be my type anymore but I can certainly still have fun with them. I’m just glad I get to keep my smarts and remain in control of my businesses. No doubt there’s people out there who believe they can transform me and take over any potential clients but they’ll end up in something of a sore spot if they try to act on those beliefs.

I better check the rest of my emails. I’m pretty sure I see somebody requesting their boyfriend be transformed into a stereotypical ‘daddy’. Hmm, that could be a lot of fun. It’ll break up the monotony rather nicely, I think. Perhaps once I’ve finished up with my morning work I’ll even look at treating myself to someone brand new. We’ll see though, this body’s still looking good in a suit…

Oh well, at the very least I still find my job entertaining - I’d rather be transforming people than wasting away in an office like this host body used to be, that’s for damn sure!

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