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In Training

Updated: Dec 15, 2018

This story is a collaboration with Grant Spiral and you can find his side of the story over on his blog!

While Cody was happy to be scouted for any new role, he particularly loved those that would allow him to show off his body. He’d put a lot of work into perfecting his image over the years and now he had a whole army of thirsty fan-girls and horny gays who got worked up into a frenzy whenever he posted up sweaty shirtless selfies on his social media. It was both hilarious and exhilarating, inflating his ego every single time his notifications was hit with another blast of likes and retweets.

This time around though, the role required more than just having muscles. He’d been cast in a new teen drama about a group of young athletes in an indie wrestling promotion and as such was expected to have at least some basic professional wrestling skills prior to filming. Back in high school Cody had been much more about baseball to pay any attention to wrestling and he hadn’t paid any attention to the WWE since he was fourteen. Still, it was a good role and he didn’t expect to have any issues getting started with his in-ring training.

The production company had pulled out all of the stops to make sure their stars received quality training too, making a deal with several high-profile wrestling stars to take a break from their constant touring and come to Los Angeles to train up the stars of the show. Every one of them was given a personal mentor to work with and Cody was lucky enough to score a multi-time world champion, Seth Rollins. Compared to some of his cast-mates who were stuck with no-name ‘jobbers’, Cody was pretty sure he had lucked out.

Something that very quickly became clear though was that Seth was a tough, no-nonsense trainer. He barked orders like an army sergeant and seemed to look at Cody with a permanent grimace on his face. Even after two days of training, Cody had barely so much as seen a smile flutter past the other man’s lips. He wasn’t sure what had him feeling so miserable but it was apparently contagious because Cody was beginning to feel like shit and that wasn’t even including the physical toll his body was taking from all of the bumps. 

The human body wasn’t designed to be thrown around in the ways that wrestlers were and yet these crazy sons of bitches did it on the regular. Cody couldn’t exactly see himself doing much more than the bare minimum he needed to get by during filming and he’d made that pretty clear to Seth after his first few bumps. That news, apparently, hadn’t gone down too well with his trainer.

After a tough third day of training, Cody felt ready to snap. Seth had been sour with him the entire time and had barely said a word when he’d dismissed him from the session, stomping back into the locker room to get a shower. Biting down on his fury, Cody did his best to keep a level head as he followed Seth out. He didn’t like losing his temper but he also didn’t like feeling disrespected and it was clear as day that Seth didn’t respect him. That simply didn’t sit right.

Cody was quite content to shower in peace a distance away from the other man but that all changed when he heard Seth muttering under his breath. The words were laced with displeasure and it didn’t take a genius to work out who was the source of that negativity. Stubborn ferocity sparked up inside Cody and he changed paths with the intention of confronting the older man.

Fate had a funny way of dealing with situations though and just as Cody stepped into the communal showers his foot slipped on the wet tiles and he was sent flying forward, eventually barreling into Seth’s body.

It took him several more moments to realize that he hadn’t just collided with Seth but had in fact entered him - and not in a whole “hey, is that my cock in your ass?” kind of way either. Cody’s body was simply gone and all that remained was Seth’s, holding itself up and panting heavily as the young actor inside tried to sort his head out. 

“I knocked my head and I’m dreaming,” he attempted to rationalize, wincing at the sound of Seth’s voice. It was a cruel reminder at how real the situation felt, even if it was a dream. “This is a nightmare. A straight up dumb, fucking nightmare.” That was the only logical explanation, wasn’t it?

No dream or nightmare had ever felt this real though. He could feel the water from the shower hitting him, the droplets cascading down his back. He could feel the cold tiles against the palms of his hands. He could even feel Seth’s longer hair resting on his shoulders. Everything was too real and there was no way he’d made all this up in his head. It was happening and it was fucking insane.

Moving his hands to his chest, Cody began to ran them over the firm six-pack abs and them gropes the firm pectoral muscles, appreciating the light dusting of hair he found there, so unlike his own smooth chest. “Fuck,” he gasped, marveling at Seth’s voice speaking his words. That was definitely something that he would need to get used to provided this lasted for any length of time.

Allowing his hands to venture further south, they soon came into contact with Seth’s cock and Cody wasn’t at all disappointed with what he found. The professional wrestler was working with bigger equipment than him, that was for sure, and it was sensitive to the touch. As the shaft begin to harden in his grip, a moan of delight escaped his lips and he found himself giving the length a few experimental tugs. 

“Don’t mind me, Rollins,” Cody grunted, his displeasure for the other man rising back to the surface. Like hell was he gay or anything like that but he could recognize when a guy had a good boy and Seth’s definitely wasn’t bad. Was there really anything wrong with him having a little play in the shower? His unexpected dominance over Seth - even in the most unusual and confusing fashion - was enough to get him excited and it would be a shame not to follow that through, wouldn’t it? He was doing Seth a favor really. Cody didn’t want to give him blue balls, after all.

As he began to stroke his shaft, using the shower gel as lubricant to get him nice and slippery, Cody remembered every scathing comment the older man made towards him through their training. Seth had been so sure that he’d never amount to anything inside that wrestling but he was wrong. Cody was pretty sure that if he was to get into a ring with Seth’s body, there would be no stopping him at all! Hell, he could even record it to show Seth later just how well he worked his body in the ring and out of it.  Hey, maybe that was an idea…

This was the perfect opportunity for a little bit of revenge!

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