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Alternative Uses of Grindr

God, I love using Grindr to find new bodies. I don’t particularly enjoy being twinks but they’re the easiest way to get my hands on young gay studs without having to resort to the messiness of hitting the clubs. I’ve never really been one for nightlife and alcohol so hooking up using a dating app is a much more preferable approach for me. 

I was in the body of Jackson, a nineteen year-old twink with pastel pink hair, when this stud messaged me. Cody was exactly the kind of guy who got my attention: body hair, muscles and a thick dark beard. He looked both like my dream body and my dream guy so I knew I had to have him. It wasn’t long before we’d arranged to meet up and I was busy getting Jackson’s body ready to look as hot as can be.

Usually with these sort of things I jump out of the twink’s body and possess the bigger guy as soon as I’m in their apartment but this time I actually let myself have a little fun as Jackson. I pulled Cody’s tight black jeans down to get my lips around his thick shaft and then I even let him pin me down and fuck me on the bed, something I hadn’t done for a long time. I much prefer being a top but with a guy like Cody sometimes I just couldn’t help myself.

Once we had fucked and both collapsed back on the bed totally spent I finally let myself pull out of Jackson’s body. Even while exhausted Cody was still alert enough to be surprised at the sight of a man in his sixties pulling out of the lithe twink’s body but he’d barely had time to yell in alarm before I pushed forward and shot straight into the stud’s open mouth. 

Cody’s body writhed around on the bed for a few moments as I fought him for control and eventually overpowered him as I always did with the host body. Beside me the real Jackson began to stir and was clearly confused to find himself in the body with such a hunk and no memory of how he’d gotten there. That tends to happen whenever I leave a host body behind and I was no stranger to taking advantage of that situation.

“You ready to go another round?” I asked in Cody’s deep booming voice as I flexed my new arms for the first time. Being back in the body of a bigger guy like this after being trapped as Jackson for a few days was always a relieving feeling and I planned to have lots of fun with it.

Jackson eyed me up hungrily for a few moments before nodding. “Yes daddy,” he gasped, eyes lingering on my hairy chest before he lunged forward to get to work. He heard no complaints from me as I leaned back to properly enjoy the other’s worshiping. Judging by how great this body felt I could definitely see myself sticking around in it for a while!

Sorry Cody, you’ll have to enjoy the passenger seat for now because I’m going to be taking your body for a ride and a half!

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