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Across the Border

Wow, Manuel really wasn’t lying when he said that he would make Cory’s body something to be amazed by if I let him come with me back to America. I know it’s not conventional but I do that sometimes - head over to Mexico and find guys who will succeed in bodybuilding as long as they’re in the right position to. Convincing them to leave their homes and bodies behind is pretty easy when you’re offering a trouble-free life as a white American with a body ready to train to perfection.

Manuel is just the latest in a long line and he’s exceeding every one of my expectations. Look at him flexing there, acting like an All-American alpha stud. He really is now, especially since he’d been in Cory’s body for a whole month. The spell I’ve been using to put my Mexican friends into the bodies of young American men becomes permanent once they’re in the body for thirty days without pulling out so technically Cory no longer exists. It’s not like he’s dead or anything - his memories and emotions will just start seeping into Manuel’s mind until they become one being.

Cory always had the look down and he was an incredible lay with an impressive cock, he just had a terrible attitude. Manuel was the easiest way to correct that because now not only do I get fucked by a hot stud on the regular, I’m also the coach to a bodybuilder who rakes in trophies and money for me. Manuel feels a debt of gratitude to me so he doesn’t argue back all that much which suits me just fine. He can have all the attention and glory he wants as Cory but we both know who really has the power here.

For now though he can flex and act like a big man. I’ve got to admit he’s really turning me on and I’m not sure I can control myself until we get into the back of my limousine. Maybe we should head into the gym’s locker rooms to work out some tension. Cory’s clearly feeling in a cocky mood and it would be wrong of me not to make sure his body and cock are given the proper amount of attention they deserve…

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