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DC: Underestimating The Buffoon

Updated: Dec 18, 2018

There was rarely a quiet week in Star City for the team of vigilantes sworn to protect it. Indeed, it seemed to be second only to Gotham in terms of super-villain related crime and the famous Green Arrow, known to his closest confidants as playboy billionaire Oliver Queen, rarely had a quiet night in to sit down and read a book. The simple pleasures of life were lost on him but he wasn’t sure he’d be able to live without the adrenaline rush that came with being a masked crusader. It had shaped his life for the past half a decade, after all.

The villain making Star City a little more chaotic during the last weeks of March had been somewhat mockingly dubbed ‘The Buffoon’ by the Green Arrow and his cohorts. After all, the scenes he left behind were hardly those of destruction. Instead they were minor inconveniences at best and if The Buffoon hadn’t threatened to pull a prank on April Fools day that would put the city at serious risk then the team would hardly have even considered wasting their precious time with trying to apprehend him.

On the last night of the month, the Green Arrow was hot on the tail of the villain and finally had The Buffoon cornered on a rooftop. “There’s nowhere else to run now,” the hero warned, his voice modulator dropping his words several octaves lower. “Give up and come with me.”

“Okay, okay, you’ve got me!” The Buffoon relented, “But please, accept this gift. I’m very impressed with you.” With surprisingly quick movement, the villain pulled out a book from inside his jacket and threw it towards the Green Arrow.

While his instincts were to shoot the book out of the air, the hero instead found himself dropping his bow and catching the book instead. He paused, staring at the cover for a moment and considered the pink typography and familiar female face on the cover. “Is this a joke?” he asked, lips drawing into a thin line.

“Not a joke, no,” The Buffoon declared, glancing down at his wrist to check his watch. “It’s midnight. This is a prank!” A twisted smirk spread across the villain’s face as he moved forward and pressed his hands either side of the hero’s face, feeling his rough stubble and then pushing his hood down. “The city was never in direct danger, you were. My little green April fool!”

Every alarm bell in Oliver’s brain rung at full volume and yet his body was completely frozen. He thought of batting the Buffoon’s hands away from his face but those remained nothing more than thoughts as he found himself staring deep into the villain’s eyes. Had they always been such a brilliant purple? It was unusual for sure, but Oliver couldn’t quite bring himself to look away…

Reality became something of a blur to Oliver Queen after that as he was stripped of his free will and gave into the unexpected power of The Buffoon. The earpiece he used to contact his team was removed and the hero found himself glad to get Felicity’s shrill words of panic out of his ear. He didn’t want anything to distract from the villain in front of him, although it was becoming increasingly more difficult to view The Buffoon as a villain when he was so beautiful.

The Buffoon watched his new prize closely, admiring at just how easy it had been to pull off the greatest prank of all. Team Arrow had completely underestimated him, dismissing him as some two-bit thief barely wort their time, but now that their leader was under his control, his real work to take over Star City could finally begin. As for the Emerald Archer… well, what kind of villain would The Buffoon be if he hadn’t planned a use for his new accomplice?

The key to his success was the book that remained in the Green Arrow’s hands. Enchanted with a number of powerful spells The Buffoon had learned on his travels, the magic wrapped around the hero’s mind and began to reshape it according to the villain’s desires. While the spells had no physical effect on the Green Arrow’s gloriously muscular body, his mind was sapped of the masculine confidence that made him so fearless.

“Go on, read it,” The Buffoon encouraged once he had brought the vanquished hero back to his base of operations. “I can see that you want to.” The hero didn’t need to told twice, sitting down and opening the book on the first page. It was quite the sight - the city’s famous Emerald Archer still in his full green leather get-up, reading a book that was aimed towards young women rather than the stereotypical macho man that Oliver Queen identified as.

With each page read, the magic’s grip on his mind became stronger. The mental transformation from a dominant alpha male to the submissive servant of a super-villain was a rather stimulating experience and the front of his leather pants began to tent from Oliver’s growing arousal. It was a beautiful sight for The Buffoon, who continued to monitor the other man’s progress intently.

“Are you enjoying the book?” the villain asked, some forty minutes later. He had been rather amused by the look of frustration that slowly crept over the former hero’s face as he struggled to understand some of the longer words on the page. Oliver Queen had never exactly been the smartest guy in Star City but what brains he did have were being drained away rather rapidly.

“Y-yes,” Oliver stammered in response, a faint lisp tainting the tail-end of the word. His eyes didn’t leave the page for a mount as he remained completely engrossed in the enchanted text. The advanced knowledge of weaponry and combat techniques were instead replaced by a vast understanding of fashion trends and yoga. While the enchantments had no physical effect on Oliver’s body, in time his altered mentality would certainly lead to his body becoming leaner and his strength waning away. 

Mr Queen’s romantic and sexual interests in women were rather forcefully removed from his mind and heart, instead replaced by a never-ending desire for one man in particularly - The Buffoon. Thoughts of serving his master populated his brain, drowning out every other thought with increasing volume. Even reading the book felt less and less important, especially with his master in the room clearly in need of having his cock worshiped. 

As the former hero discarded the book and dropped down to his knees in front of master, The Buffoon merely smiled and caressed the other’s cheek. “You’ll make a good wife one day,” he chuckled, guiding the other’s to his tented pants. For now though, he’d made quite the good start on his new pet project and was content to enjoy his new submissive little darling for some time.

And to think that there were still so many hours in the day to similarly ‘prank’ the Green Arrow’s former teammates… it was just a matter of who was going to be lucky enough to be caught in a prank next!

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