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The Gotham Costume Party

Batman and Robin had been chasing a brand new villain through Gotham City on Halloween night when they trailed him into what appeared to be a costume party being held by a bunch of social media influencers. They knew very little of the villain other than that he had some sort of transformative ability which most certainly spelled trouble for the citizens of Gotham. Multiple people had already reported various cases of identity theft and having their bank accounts emptied as a result. Batman supposed it was only a matter of time until Bruce Wayne became a target for this new villain, and if his fortune was stolen then how would he finance his mission to clean up his city?

After landing on the balcony, the crime-fighting duo burst into the luxurious apartment complex and immediately all eyes - and several camera phones - turned towards them. “You didn’t have to go so extra on the costumes,” somebody called out dismissively. “Yeah, show a little more skin!” another joined in. Batman could only scowl. He’d never understand the youth of today and their concept that image was everything. He could only be glad that Robin hadn’t grown up to be such a way.

“Let’s split up and find him quicker,” he instructed his twenty-something sidekick. “The sooner we get out of here, the better.” Batman didn’t leave Robin any time to argue as he quickly changed his direction and began to scope out the apartment. Its denizens were all in various stages of intoxication so he was deliberately looking for somebdy who appeared to be more alert than the rest. Their shapeshifting villain could be anyone among them and Batman didn’t much like feeling as if he was on the back foot. He was a meticulous planner, but this type of villain was difficult to plan for.

As he circled the party though, Batman was so caught up in his investigation that he failed to notice the changes that were happening to him. Firstly, parts of his high-tech suit began to vanish, leaving the tanned skin and hard muscles underneath fully exposed. All of the weapons and gadgets disappeared from his belt and the mask that had dominated his face shifted instead to a much smaller domino mask, not unlike the one that Robin wore as part of his costume. While the minutes ticked on though, it was as if the years on Batman’s body began to reverse. He heavy lines on his face and the countless bruises and scars across his torso and back faded away, while the heavy bulk that came from years of intensive training relaxed into something much more built for the aesthetic - and, of course, to get those precious Instagram likes!

By the time Batman had completed his first circuit of the apartment he had not only lost most of his suit and all of his weapons but his reason for being at the party in the first place had somehow escaped his mind too. Frustrated at his sudden lack of clarity, he decided to start another lap around the premesis. As he walked various hands reached out to grope at his ass, his pecs and even his bulge, and while at first the Dark Knight felt appalled by such actions, he soon began to enjoy them and giggle after each piece of contact. Indeed, he quickly became so distracted that even more vital knowledge slipped out of his brain, including that of his identity. Bruce Wayne was now to him no more than a business tycoon with a hunky body; no, he was now Bryce White, a recent college graduate who made his money advertising various products on his social media accounts and had come to a Halloween party with his gorgeous boyfriend. Speaking of, where had he gotten to?

“There you are, babe!” he sighed in relief as he finally spied his boyfriend among the crowd. Bryce was of the opinion that Dan Gayson was a sexy slice of studliness at the best of times but when he was dressed up in his Slutty Robin costume, he looked nothing short of out of this world! His carefully sculpted abs were on proud display and the bulge in his glittery green briefs left absolutely nothing to the imagination. Bryce was sure that his boyfriend had probably received his fair amount of groping too but he was proud to know that the sexiest Robin in the room would only be going home with him, although they were both open to inviting one or two of the hunkier guys to join them for the night!

The pair of young and carefree studs had just begun making out when they were approached by somebody offering to snap a picture for their Instagram accounts. The duo happily accepted, totally unaware of the fact that the handsome young man in the revealing Superman costume was actually the very same villain they had entered the party to chase. Such things were as far from their minds as possible. After all, why would anybody bust their ass fighting crime when getting to attend awesome parties like this and making money by getting likes on social media was so much more rewarding? They’d wear superhero costumes for Halloween, sure, but that was it!

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1 Comment

Oct 25, 2022

What a hot story about Batman and Robin. Loved it man

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