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Transformative Tattoo Artist

I had a bad feeling when I found out that the tattoo artist my boyfriend had booked an appointment with was actually my high school bully but I presumed I was just being petty and not letting go of the past. I didn’t even think that Caleb recognized me and I certainly wasn’t going to bring up that he used to throw me into dumpsters and shut me in lockers. High school had been a pretty traumatic experience for me and I wasn’t eager to relive it any time soon.

My boyfriend could tell that there was something wrong the moment we got home from booking the appointment. I confessed my history with his new tattoo artist and unsurprisingly Kyle just shook his head and laughed. “That was years ago now, babe,” he reminded me, “I’m sure he’s a different man entirely now.” To reassure me he placed a kiss on the end of my nose and even though I still felt uneasy I didn’t want to make a bigger issue out of it than I had to.

In retrospect I absolutely should have insisted that Kyle had to go to somebody else to get inked. I’d had a bad feeling about Caleb who had always been a homophobic jerk when we were at school but I had no idea what kind of damage he could really do to my relationship. 

You see, magic isn’t really something I’d ever considered to be a reality - much less magic-infused tattoos. It was obvious from the moment Kyle returned back to our shared apartment that there was something supernatural about what had happened to him because he had somehow transformed into a man I hardly recognized. While he had always been lean and enjoyed a good jog around the city every few days, he was now sporting strong muscles that pushed his shirt to the very limit as it tried to contain him. His jawline was a little squarer and his hair had both thickened and become shorter as he sport the same well-groomed look I had seen on the preppy guys I worked with. 

My gaze was immediately drawn to the full sleeve tattoo down his right arm and I gasped. “You said it was only going to be one small tattoo!” I protested, trying not to think about how big Kyle’s biceps bulged when he shifted his arms. Even his left arm had a skull tattoo on the forearm which wasn’t his style at all!

Kyle frowned back at me, tilting his head to the side and running his gaze up and down me. There was a look in his eye that I could only consider to be disgust and it made a shiver run down my spine. What was going through my boyfriend’s head now I’d left him alone with Caleb for an extended period of time? I was certain that it wasn’t good.

“You got a problem, bitch?” he growled, his voice far deeper than I was expecting. Was there no limit to his changes? It was becoming more and more clear with every passing second that this was no longer the man I had fallen in love with. I wanted to confront Caleb but what was I going to say? There has to be a way to get my Kyle back…

“What did he do to you?” I whined, backing away as he advanced, ripping his shirt off to reveal a muscle-packed torso with another tattoo of Latin words adorning the lower left side. “Come on Kyle, it’s me. You know who I am, right?” I pleaded, wondering just how far the magic had affected him.

“Yeah, you’re the slut I keep around to get me off whenever I want it,” he snapped it, reaching out to force me down onto my knees. The sheer display of his masculine power had me strangely aroused and I couldn’t bring myself to fight back. Instead I told myself that the only way to get my Kyle back was to keep him on my side in the meantime while I investigated. Besides, I was strangely curious to see if the magic had made his cock any bigger.

Suddenly eager to please him, I began to unbuckle his pants and admire just how much of a muscular stud those tattoos had made Kyle. He looked every bit like the dangerous bad boy I’d always lusted after but never been confident to make a move on so maybe there was a small part of me that was enjoying this for some bizarre reason.

“It’s a good thing you look so good on your knees,” he grunted, forcing his cock between my lips and starting to fuck my mouth. “My buddy Caleb’s coming around later so you better be on your best behavior. Who knows, maybe I’ll even ask him to tattoo a tramp-stamp on you…”

Fuck. Letting Caleb tattoo something on me sounded like a surefire way of losing my identity just like Kyle had. Then again - would it really be so bad?

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