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The Unexpected Birthday Gift

Updated: Dec 15, 2018

Is that? Holy shit, it can’t be, can it? 

It sure looked like the bodysuit I had been eyeing up for almost ten whole months but I had begrudgingly accepted there was no way I’d ever be able to afford it and I certainly didn’t know anyone with enough cash to spare that they’d drop nearly twenty-thousand dollars on a bodysuit for boring old me. Quality bodysuits were pricey things and only the really rich got to treat themselves to such deluxe products. My desires to own one had been nothing more than dreams that I never expected to come true. 

Yet, despite that, it’s right there on my sofa - waiting for me. Now I’d heard of birthday surprises before but this definitely took the cake because I had never expected to return home from my boring office job to find such a gorgeous specimen waiting for me. 

For a moment I found myself totally rooted to the spot as I admired the suit in all of it’s glory. Golden tan skin, firm muscles and a gorgeous face… it had appealed to me because it was everything I was not. The dusting of chest hair caught my attention and I licked my lips, imagining how it would feel to run my fingers through that dense forest. The suit was absolute perfection and it was right there in my modest-sized apartment!

Reaching for the tag on his left ankle, I lifted it slightly to read the message that had been left for me. Written there in neat cursive was a short and simple message - “Happy birthday, hero! From your friend, Evan Anderson.” 

Not for the first time that day (or even that minute) I was caught completely off guard, as the name Evan Anderson was one I hadn’t encountered since my high school days. Hell, I barely even remembered Evan as we’d never even been that close - certainly not close enough for him to ever buy me such a gift!

During our few private conversations back in our high school days, ‘hero’ had been the nickname Evan used for me ever since I stood up I stood up to our asshole biology teacher - who also happened to be the father of Evan’s bully, the captain of the wrestling team. Shortly afterwards the teacher was fired after several students complained about how he spoke to them and Evan had always credited me with getting that started. 

Now here I was, fifteen years later, staring at a gift supposedly from Evan himself, somebody I hadn’t had contact with in over a decade. How had he known that I had been eyeing up this particular bodysuit? Where did he get the money to buy it? Why did he decide that I deserved such a gift? There were so many questions and no simple answers.

I only knew one thing for certain - this was the best damn birthday present ever, beating out the record player from my mother, vintage art from my father and the collection of mature red wine from my sister. My heart was beating rapidly as I remained frozen to the spot until it was finally too much to resist and I lunged forward to enjoy my new gift.

After a troubled high school experience, Evan Anderson had finally found his feet in the world of work and finally managed to make something of himself. Not without great struggle he amassed a small fortune without any intention of using it to better his own life. 

Instead Evan looked back at his earlier days and decided that the money could be much better spent rewarding those that had given him the courage to keep fighting - the English teacher that had inspired him time and time again, the neighbor’s daughter who comforted him after she found him bloodied and bruised from an attack by his bully and of course the kid from his high school biology class who had bravely stood up for him to a cruel teacher that others didn’t dare cross.

It was Evan’s own way of saying thank you to those who had helped him become the successful man he was.

As for those who had continually tried to tear him down, like his bully and old science teacher, he had put a little money aside to make sure he could deliver some stone cold revenge when the time was right…

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