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Straight Into Christmas

Updated: Dec 25, 2018

Joe knew that his flatmate had a crush on him but considering he was gay and she was most definitely not a man he had been forced to let her down. He'd been as gentle as possible of course as he didn't want to harm their friendship but things hadn't been quite as comfortable between the two over the past few months. All Joe wanted was a nice relaxing Christmas day where they could lounge around, drink copious amounts of wine and maybe play some video games.

Kelly had different plans though. She'd had a dreadful year when it came to her love life and the rejection by Joe was the icing on the cake, leaving her bitter. She knew that things hadn't been great between the two of them since then but she had a plan to make him see things in a way that would line up with her needs a little more. It was costly but she was able to pool her funds from working as an underwear model and purchase her flatmate a Ryan bodysuit from SuitYourBody - with a few necessary adjustments, which added a little extra cost. She was sacrificing buying gifts for any of her friends and family in order to get the perfect bodysuit for Joe but in the long run she knew that Joe would be worth all the grief she'd receive from everybody else in her life.

When it came to Christmas morning and Joe spied the tall and wide box stood next to the tree he was immediately curious. What the hell had Kelly got him? As he tore away the paper though, his jaw dropped. He had always wanted a bodysuit so he could experience living in somebody else's skin for a little while but they were notoriously expensive and the top of the range models like SuitYourBody's Ryan were several thousands of dollars. "This... isn't for me, is it?" Nobody had ever been that generous to him before! "How the hell did you afford it?"

Kelly smiled sweetly and pressed a hand to his arm. "I'm a model, darling. Men will pay through the roof if they think I'll take more layers off," she explained, a devious smirk decorating her beautiful features. Joe immediately quirked an eyebrow in questioning. Considering how rocky their friendship had been since he'd turned her down, the gift seemed even more surprising. Perhaps it was meant as some sort of peace offering? It made him feel pretty bad that he'd only spent forty bucks on some fine wine and jewellery for her in return.

After placing a sloppy kiss on his flatmate's cheek, Joe surged forward and began properly unwrapping the gift and freeing the bodysuit from its cardboard container. The suit felt so real to the touch, as if it was a real human, only it caved in against his touch. With Kelly urging him to get the suit on, he stripped down to his boxers and prepared to climb in. "Take it all off," she ordered suddenly, "Otherwise it won't work properly. I'll even turn around." She did as such, showing her back - and rather fine derriere - to him.

Doing as instructed, Joe dropped his boxers to the floor and began to step into the suit through the opening along Ryan's back. As his feet settled into place he wiggled his toes and let out a childish giggle of excitement. This was already the best Christmas present he'd ever received in his life and he hadn't even pulled it all on yet! The legs followed and Joe admired the tensing of the suit's calves and the firmness of his quadriceps which were so far removed from his own chopstick legs.

As he ensured that his cock and balls were properly placed, Joe could feel himself starting to get hard and was pleasantly surprised by how magnified the feeling was. It was as if the suit's eight inches were his own, despite his own cock being almost half of the size. He had to bite down on his lower lip to silence a moan, not wanting Kelly to know what an arousing experience this was proving to be for him. That would most definitely just make things awkward as hell between them once again, which they were only just starting to make amends for.

Pulling the suit's upper body on over his own, Joe clenched his fists and watched all of the muscles along his arm tense. They were so big and powerful and precisely the type that he liked on the guys that he'd flirt with in the club - not that he could ever convince those studs to come home with a skinny nobody like him. The six-pack of abs and the thick pecs that accompanied those big arms certainly weren't disappointing either and Joe was elated to discover that he could bounce the pecs on command.

The final step was pulling the face mask up over his own and for a moment the world weren't dark before he started to see through the suit's eyes. Everything came into focus surprisingly sharply, as if his own vision had been improved the match the suit's perfect eyes. How had SuitYourBody even managed that? Joe had always been curious about the inner workings of a bodysuit and now with one of his own he was hoping that he could get some of his much-desired answers.

"You mind zipping me up?" he asked, the words coming out as a husky masculine rumble quite unlike his own. He was met by Kelly's giggle and then her hands against his back, pulling up the zipper and securing it behind the provided flap of synthetic skin. Once he was firmly inside the suit, Joe rolled his shoulders and took in a deep breath. He hadn't expected to feel so strong in the suit, as if all of its muscles were really his own. The suit felt more like an extension of himself than an item of clothing he had just pulled on. At that point he noticed that he was still naked and hurried to pull up his boxers, this time discovering that they were tight around his thick quads and did little to hide the outline of his hardening eight-inch cock.

"How does it feel?" Kelly questioned, moving in front of him and glancing from head to toe. Joe would have taken umbrage to her obvious objectification of him in that moment if he didn't feel the exact same way. As Ryan he was nothing short sex on legs! Picking up guys at the local clubs was going to be so damn easy when he looked this good. Nobody would ever know what a nerd was hidden behind all those muscles or that gorgeous face.

Joe could hardly hide the grin from his face. "Incredible," he confessed. He swung his arms out to the side and then hit a double bicep pose, immediately enamoured by the sight of the dual peaks.

"Good! I'm glad!" Kelly replied, her voice enthusiastic even with something hidden behind her arms, "Now activate Boyfriend Mode."

In an instant Joe was pulled under the suit enhancements that Kelly had paid so much extra for and his mind was altered into a state that would be far more accepting of her as his girlfriend. All of his desires towards the male form were locked away in the back of his mind, replaced by a sudden lust for the female figure and most importantly Kelly herself. She was a gorgeous specimen - it was no wonder that she was paid to pose in lingerie - and Joe felt ridiculous that he had failed to notice as such before.

"Ryan?" Kelly asked. The man before her stood up a little straighter and smiled sweetly down at her, recognising himself by that name rather than as Joe. "Who am I, Ryan?" There was some apprehension to her voice when she spoke and a surprising amount of fragility in her eyes.

What a strange question, Ryan thought. "You're my sexy, gorgeous, irresistible girlfriend, Kelly!" he replied without a moment of hesitation, scooping her up into his big arms and spinning her around. It was strange but he felt like he hadn't seen her in a long time and wanted nothing more than to rip her clothes off and have his way with her. She giggled in delight, placing her dainty hands on his meaty pecs and stole his lips with a passionate kiss that he was only too happy to return in favour.

Unbeknown to Ryan, Kelly had invited around a number of her modelling friends to celebrate Christmas with her and her 'boyfriend', the one she had been hyping up for months. There was no way she was letting Joe ruin her reputation by revealing that she was very much single and hung up on a guy who preferred cock to pussy but that was why she'd spent most of her earnings on constructing the perfect boyfriend. Now she no longer had to lie and could finally fulfil her fantasy of having the perfect life - her dream job, a sexy boyfriend and lots of hot sex whenever she asked for it! What wasn't to love about all of that?

Speaking of, there were still a few hours before their guests arrived and Kelly was very interested in exploring the length that was currently tenting her boyfriends boxers. By the time the guests arrived they'd never know what the couple had been up to but as far as the morning was concerned, Kelly planned on enjoying her new present for all it was worth!

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