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Celebrity Suit

Updated: Dec 19, 2018

“You didn’t… holy shit, Bryony, is that really who I think it is?” I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Laid out on the bed in front of me was one of my ultimate celebrity crushes, teen heartthrob and the star of Faking It, Gregg Sulkin. There had been no hiding my crush on him, not even from my girlfriend but she’d never had issues with it. We were both bisexual and had met through our college’s LGBT society so my interest in both men and women was hardly an issue, plus neither of us saw the harm in having celebrity crushes.

My crush on Gregg Sulkin had started when Bryony convinced me to marathon Faking It with her. I hadn’t expected to be so wildly attracted to the lead male star of the show but I was pretty obsessed with him from then on, somewhat embarrassingly too. She made jokes about it but I always joked about her crush on John Cena too so it wasn’t as if the teasing was a one-sided thing.

The last thing I expected was for Bryony to take extreme action like this though. After we’d received a flyer through the door advertising custom-made body suits we had joked about ordering one tailored to look like our celebrity crushes before laughing it off. I thought the conversation had been forgotten but apparently not because there one was, the perfect image of Gregg Sulkin looking strangely hollow due to the lack of an occupier.

“I mean, it is your birthday and Christmas present for this year,” my girlfriend joked, standing on tip-toes to kiss my cheek. “I couldn’t resist really. I know how into him you are and yeah, I think he’s pretty hot too. What was there really to lose?” She wrapped her arms around my waist and kissed my shoulder. “You can wear him if you want… or I can.”

“You?” I questioned, my brain still trying to understand what was happening and unable to form full sentences. A part of me felt like this had to be a dream because I couldn’t comprehend that I would actually have a celebrity bodysuit in my possession.

Leaving my side to run her finger along the bodysuit from its ankle up to its shoulders, Bryony smirked at me. “I mean, I’m guessing you want to be fucked by Gregg here, don’t you?” she asked suggestively, sending a shiver down my spine. I hadn’t even thought about that possibility.

“You wouldn’t feel weird about being in a male bodysuit?” I asked, getting rather excited by the thought of my girlfriend being inside my celebrity crush and making me bottom for her. She would be able to make all of my wildest fantasies come true.

“Not at all. I’ve always been a little curious,” she confessed, giggling. “So what is it, stud, do you want me to put him on? We can always take turns later.”

I was pretty sure that the rising tent in my pants was enough of an answer but still I swallowed and nodded enthusiastically. “Have I ever told you that you’re the best girlfriend in the world?”

Bryony laughed, pulling the suit off of the bed and starting to pull down the zipper. “In a minute I’m about to be the best boyfriend in the world,” she joked, grinning at me. “Try not to cream yourself before I get him on, yeah?”

Practically edging already, I dug my nails into the palms of my hands and tried to calm down. it was much easier said than done. “Yes sir,” I croaked, already ready and willing to be subservient to my new celebrity boyfriend. I was looking forward to jumping into the Gregg Sulkin suit later but the next few hours at least I was going to enjoy getting fucked by my celebrity crush. 

I really am the luckiest boyfriend in the world!

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