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The Flash: Zoom’s Victory

Updated: Dec 15, 2018

If there was one thing Barry knew for certain it was that he had to stop Zoom any way that was possible. The man was absolutely crazy, desperate for more power so he could either rule over every universe or destroy them. Obviously a hero like The Flash couldn’t let that happen on his watch so he was doing everything he could to fight back, only he never seemed to be fast or strong enough to really take the supervillain on. Zoom was always one step ahead of him and The Flash and his team just couldn’t keep up.

What Barry didn’t know was that this time Zoom had an even more nefarious plan that was going to be much more difficult to stop. He wasn’t looking to conquer worlds or even destroy anything, he was simply going to take what was rightly his and Barry would be utterly helpless to stop him. Their latest fight only exposed just how slow and weak The Flash was compared to him and Zoom had taken great pleasure in reminding the superhero that at any chance he got, enjoying the other’s increasing frustration. It made him sloppy and even easier to beat. 

After the ensuing fight had caused them to lose both of their masks, Barry looked at the man he had once trusted with a burning fury inside of him. He had believed that Jay Garrick was on Earth-1 to help him, not to steal his speed and hurt his friends. Little did he know that Zoom had much grander plans than that and they were all set into motion when he pulled a sphere out of his pocket. With a small click it began to glow bright red and Barry’s heart sunk. He had a very bad feeling about it.

“What is that?” he asked, almost too scared to find out the answer. Much to his dismay the fight had knocked out his communications device in his suit so he wasn’t able to rely on the rest of his team for help. It was just him and Zoom.

“Why don’t you find out?” Zoom suggested before throwing the sphere straight at him with insane speed. Barry’s body worked on autopilot, using the speed force to catch the sphere before he could even think about what danger he was putting himself in. Sure enough, the moment his fingers wrapped around the sphere he felt a sharp stinging sensation in his hands that quickly spread throughout his body. 

Barry stared down at his hands and realized in horror that they were shaking at intense speeds to the point he almost looked see-through and soon the rest of his body was following suit. “What’s happening to me?” he gasped, staring up at Zoom for answers. The villain just smirked back at him. “What did you do to me?!” Barry demanded, finding himself unable to even back away as Zoom slowly began sauntering towards him. It was as if his body was frozen, totally rooted to the spot and forced to endure whatever miserable fate Zoom had prepared for him.

“It’s going to be a pleasure being you, Mr Allen,” Zoom declared, his voice deep and inhuman as he reached forward and grabbed Barry by the back of his neck. By now the hero was almost hysterical, desperately trying to get away but still unable to help himself. Zoom truly had gotten the better of him and he only had himself to blame for letting his emotions get the better of him and slowing him down.

As Zoom tugged him forward by the neck, Barry worried that he was about to be kissed by the villain but the truth was so much worse than that - he was being pulled inside of him! Within seconds he had ceased to exist on a physical level, totally pulled inside the villain dressed head to toe in black leather. Barry was overcome with a wave of pleasure that he couldn’t fight and his brain was suddenly filled with intense thought of sucking the blond man’s cock and letting him fuck the skinnier dark-haired hero. Those thoughts were so strong that he was almost convinced they were real.

“That’s it, Barry. Give me all your memories,” Zoom growled and Barry realized with horror that he was quickly beginning to forget parts of his own life. He could visualize his friends in his mind but he couldn’t remember what any of them were called for the life of him. He couldn’t even remember what he did for work when he wasn’t The Flash. All those memories were gone, presumably stolen by Zoom as part of his most nefarious plan of all.

Barry was so caught up in the erotic thoughts of worshiping the villain who had caused him so much misery for the last few months that he’d missed the entire journey back to STAR Labs. In absorbing Barry’s body Zoom must have gotten his speed too because he was faster than ever! “Barry, you’re back!” a pretty brunette girl said while a dark-skinned girl rushed over to hug him. Barry realized in shock though that they weren’t hugging him, they were hugging Zoom. Even though he was still dressed in his black leathers, all the team at STAR Labs saw was their friend Barry!

“Don’t worry guys, I don’t think Zoom will be bothering us anymore,” the real Zoom lied, enjoying every bit of anguish that his inner Barry Allen felt. There was no way for The Flash to escape his new prison and with the rest of Barry’s friends and allies seeing the villain as their favorite superhero then it wasn’t as if anybody would be looking to help him either. As far as they knew Barry Allen had survived another epic battle with Zoom and here he was standing in front of them, having saved the day. 

Knowing that fighting back was utterly pointless, Barry finally allowed himself to give in. The only thing he could even remember about himself anymore was his name and that he had once been The Flash. Not anymore though. He was neither Barry Allen nor The Flash because both roles had gone to a far more deserving man - somebody faster and stronger than him, who deserved his appearance and speed simply because he’d been able to take it. 

Central City had a new Flash in town and Zoom was going to make sure he was the fastest, strongest, most ruthless Flash they’d ever known.

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