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Taking Notes

Ugh, I promised Professor Callahan that I would keep a detailed diary about the effects of AlphaGrow on my body and mind but it’s beginning to feel like more and more effort that I simply can’t be bothered to put in. The more time I spend at this desk writing notes in this stupid diary then the less time I have to work out in the gym or flex in front of the mirror or seduce the cute twink in the dorm opposite me. He sucks cock like a pro and I really can’t get enough.

Sure, I know that AlphaGrow is responsible for me being able to do all of those things but can’t my Professor just talk to me about this? I don’t to write all this shit down because it takes too damn long. Maybe I used to be some sort of academic - a “model student” he had called me, although I think I’m more model than student these days - but I sure as hell aren’t anymore. In fact I’ve been skipping a whole bunch of my classes lately because it’s been eating into my gym time.

Callahan’s not the only teacher who’s been bugging me lately. They all nag endlessly, complaining that I’m not putting effort in or whatever. The only person who treats me with any sort of respect is coach. He’s always telling me how rapidly I’m improving and how he thinks I’ll make a great contribution if I just try out for the football team. Considering I’m sucking at this whole ‘written work’ thing switching to some sports classes sounds pretty tempting.

One of the sorority girls on our cheerleading team keeps chatting me up and I’ve got to admit that I’m kind of into it. I was surprised at first considering I’ve only ever been attracted to men but I’m starting to think there’s nothing wrong with being into both. In fact I’m even starting to dream about fingering her and having her scream out me name…

Fuck, I haven’t got the time to write this stupid diary bullshit! I’ve got to jack off and then take my afternoon dosage of AlphaGrow pills. I’ll just fail Callahan’s class, see if I give a shit!

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