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Cole was a star outfielder on his university’s baseball team and was known to use his status as a popular jock to get in all of the best parties and have a new girl in bed several nights a week. It really was a charmed life and the envy of many. Cole’s pleasures came at a price though, his Coach had spoken to him several times through the sophomore’s season about the professors that raised concerns about Cole’s grades.

With a few months to go in the semester, the Dean of Students called Cole to her office. She explained that Cole’s academic performance was unacceptable and that if he didn’t turn it around that he’d be placed on academic suspension, scholarship repayment for his sophomore year, and lose one year of NCAA eligibility. The jock respectfully agreed and promised to work harder, but he knew that he was on-track for the majors and the college wouldn’t want to lose him next season.

After ditching his biology course most of the semester, it came as no surprise that Cole failed the class. He shrugged it off as he packed up his dorm to head home for a few weeks before summer leagues. When he got home there was a letter waiting from the Dean of Students explaining his suspension, loss of NCAA eligibility, and pending scholarship repayment. Cole didn’t take the letter too seriously, he figured he’d talk to Coach the next day and work on an appeal. The exhausted baseball player made his way to bed.

The next morning Cole awoke in a small apartment instead of his parents’ nice home. Confused, Cole made his way to the bathroom that smelled of stale sweat and had beard clippings all over the sink. Looking up the college student noticed a heavier 5 o’clock shadow than he should have. “The hell….” Cole felt his rougher stubble then chest hair that appeared to be thickening.

Looking at the back of the bathroom door, Cole found a sweat-stained high-viz shirt. Curiously he picked it up and felt a sharp pain pass from it through his body. Cole groaned and looked back in the mirror, the stubble on his face and chest hair started to grow faster. His defined baseball build started to bulk up, his perfectly smooth and ripped chest and abs growing a small layer of fat hidden under hair.

The face Cole saw in the mirror became weathered and darker, like he spent hours working outdoors instead of just playing baseball. When Cole felt his body, he was surprised that his hands were now rough paws, dry and calloused after years of hard work. “This can’t be happening…” Cole mused in the mirror, gasping at the deeper voice that echoed in the bathroom.

Cole was pulled away from the mirror by his ringing phone. He answered the call, greeted by the Dean of Students. She explained to Cole that his scholarship repayment began today as a maintenance worker for the university and that it’d take until the following summer to pay off his sophomore year. Cole was horrified as the Dean told him that also part of his scholarship terms, his baseball knowledge, and skill would be taken from him and given to one or many members of the team during his suspension. The Dean further added that when Cole returns his Senior year if his academic performance hasn’t improved, he would return to be a maintenance worker permanently and his knowledge, skill, and MLB draft spot would be given to a teammate of the university’s choice.

Cole should have been angry, but he was just afraid that he wouldn’t survive this year and that he may end up in this situation again. He placed on his uniform and got ready for the day. As he left, he had a message from a dude saying that he hoped they were still on for tonight and then sent him a suggestive shirtless pic. Scrolling through his phone, Cole saw that he was still a stud of sorts, but all of the messages were from bearded men. Cole sighed but felt his cock stir as he made his way down the elevator. If this morning was any indication of how the rest of the day would be, he would need the release. Cole took a pic in the elevator mirror to send to the last dude, telling him Yeah bud. Can’t wait to pound that ass.

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