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Supernatural: Wretched & Ugly

Updated: Dec 18, 2018

It was very rare for Dean and Sam to come up against a brand new type of demon considering how long he’d been in the hunting game but even then he was confident he could deal with whatever new monster Hell decided to throw at him. He’d taken on Leviathans and the goddamn Devil himself, some new breed of demon could hardly be that concerning even if they were spoken about in hushed whispers around the usual hunting circles and their father’s journal made no reference of them.

In fact the demons didn’t even seem to be all that powerful considering how easy it had been to beat one of them in a hand-to-hand brawl and then take them prisoner. Sam had convinced Dean that they needed to find out more about this new breed of demon and the only way to do that would be to take one prisoner and while Dean preferred the thought of killing it fair and square, he reluctantly agreed. It was probably sensible to prepare for the future in case they decided to attack in force.

It would have been easy to mistake their prisoner as any ordinary human - albeit a rather malnourished, haggard-looking one. Their face was skeletal and deathly pale, with the customary black eyes exposing their demonic core. Thin white hair grew from the top of their skull and along their bony shoulders, only adding to the physical repulsion Dean felt when he looked at it.

“So what are you supposed to be anyway?” he asked, crossing his legs and as he placed them upon the table. Sam had left him on prisoner duty while he collected some more groceries to stock up the fridge in the bunker and Dean figured it was as good a time as any to start getting some information out of the other.

The demon’s crooked smile exposed the few yellow teeth it had in its mouth, provoking Dean into grimacing in disgust. He’d come across a number of repulsive things in his years on the road but these creatures were definitely some of the most unsettling simply because they were so ugly. “The great Dean Winchester has questions,” it wheezed, catching Dean off guard. He wasn’t aware that it had known his name. “I thought you Winchesters knew everything.”

“How do you know who we are?” Dean demanded, his voice dropping lower as he attempted to intimidate his prisoner. It did nothing more than widen the demon’s smile as it found obvious glee in having the upper hand. Then again which of them was chained down and who was free with a whole host of weapons on his side? Oh yeah, that was Dean.

“I did my homework,” the skeletal demon explained, his voice barely above a croak but his words still laced with enough menace to cause Dean some worry. “How could I not? You’re so… interesting.” The way he spoke made Dean’s skin crawl and he couldn’t shake the feeling that the demon’s eyes were staring straight into his own mind, aware of just how easily affected he currently was. He was supposed to be a grown badass hunter, not somebody who became uneasy at the sight of a stick-thin ‘grandpa’ monster!

“If you did your homework then you know how this ends between us then,” the hunter replied, drumming up as much confidence as he could. He glared at the creature as he rose to his feet and began to walk around the salt circle that trapped the creature. “There’s no way you’re walking out of here a free man… thing.”

“You’re as arrogant as I expected,” the creature hissed, “Good. I was planning on as much.”

Planning? That doesn’t sound good. Refusing to let any fear or doubt cross his face, Dean stopped in front of the other, a sour expression decorating his face. “Whatever plan you think you’ve got up your sleeve, rest assured it won’t work,” he growled.

“Won’t it?” the demon challenged, braving a step forward and smiling wider. “And, to answer your question, I’m supposed to be you.”

Dean barely had time to frown before the demon was replaced by a cloud of white smoke that surged forward. His lips were forced open by the smoke’s surprisingly solid strength and it pushes straight down his throat and into his body, travelling through every inch and causing Dean’s body to writhe as he collapsed to the floor.

Having been possessed by demonic forces before, the sensation wasn’t entirely foreign to Dean but this time it felt different, as if he was being eaten away at from the inside. His mental and physical strength sapped away and his control over his own body disappeared with it as his fingers balled into fists under the control of his body’s new operator.

“That’s more like it,” Dean’s voice spoke as he was forced into the passenger seat inside his own body. The demon had violently seized the wheel from him and the pure black eyes that greeted him in his reflection were proof enough of who the new boss was. Even with the protection tattoo he had on his chest Dean’s body had been invaded and he was rapidly losing the strength to try and wrestle back control. 

Considering how little he knew about the breed of demon that his body invader was, Dean had very little idea of what to expect. He was certain that it would spell bad news for Sam and that his body would be used to torture and murder his loved ones but much to his surprise the demon possessing him seemed to have little time for Sam or his friends at all.

Over the next twelve hours Dean remained an obnoxiously loud voice in his own head, doing his best to fight back vocally even if he had no idea if his possessor could even hear him. He watched as his body left the bunker, took his precious Impala and drove across state lines before ending up in a sleazy strip club somewhere in deep in the heart of Texas.

“You want to know what I am, Winchester? I’m one of the Wretched,” his own voice suddenly declared, clearly addressing him. Despite the fact that his eyes were observing a beautiful female dancing around a pole which once would have been a source of excitement for him, Dean was entirely focused on what the demon was saying. “We aren’t the most violent of demons but, like you thought, we’re certainly among the ugliest.” 

Wait, like I thought? How the hell had he known what Dean had been thinking?

“You haven’t figured it out already?” Fuck! You can… “Yes, that’s right, I can hear you and yes, I can read your thoughts. Now that I’ve claimed your body as my own, your mind is pretty much an open book to me.” That spelled trouble. Even if Sam caught up to him the ‘Wretched’ demon would be able to look through Dean’s memories and convincingly portray him. He could fool everyone!

The thought of being trapped like this, inside of his own body with no way to warn people of the truth, made Dean want to scream but he knew it would do no good. He had been bested my completely underestimating this latest threat and now there was no prospect of escape.

“Don’t worry Dean, I have no plans to mistreat this body,” the demon assured him, pulling his lips into a wicked smirk that briefly teased at the evil inside of him, “In fact I’ll be treating it to more than you ever dared to. Women, men, humans, demons… it’s all fair game!” The thought of having his body used for sex with demons disgusted Dean but he could already feel his cock begin to stiffen as his possessor palmed it through the fabric of his jeans. 

“This is the kind of body us Wretched usually only dream of getting inside - strong, virile, handsome… you’re the full package! I know there are some out there who planned on claiming your brother but you - you were always my priority.” This had been a trap all along and Dean had foolishly walked blindly straight into it! He only had himself to blame and he knew it now. “Our main goal is pleasure and its only by stealing human bodies that we can get it. You were just lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time. I guess you didn’t do enough research before you decided to shut yourself away with me, did you?”

Man, hindsight’s a bitch. He’d let his own ego get in the way and look where it had gotten him - a strip club in the middle of Texas with an ugly demon in control of his body with seemingly no plans to leave it any time soon. He was screwed!

“Nah, in a minute you’re about to be screwed. This chick’s pretty hot but that bartender over there has his eye on us and I really think it’s time this body got used to taking cock, don’t you?” the demon drawled, sadistic glee dripping from every word as he tucked several dollar bills into the the dancer’s red boots.

As his body began making his way towards the bar, Dean silently prayed that the handsome bearded man stood behind the bar was straight and would turn down the demon’s advances. Within seconds it became clear that he had no such luck as the man’s gaze ran down Dean’s body, all but devouring it with his eyes. 

Whether he liked it or not, Dean was about to experience his first time with a man and he could only hope that it was as much fun as people had told him it would be. At least then maybe he’d find some small amount of enjoyment in this miserable situation he’d stumbled in. 

Now he just had to hope that Sammy didn’t run into any other Wretched as he no doubt began the search for his missing older brother…

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