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Something More Exciting

Luke had originally been thrilled with the prospect of a summer break with his two best friends, Sean and Dean, but the first twenty-four hours had hardly been all that outstanding. The trio were staying in a beach-side home loaned to them by a relative of Dean’s and had been greeted by the news that the entirety of their stay was going to be with miserable weather. 

As if that hadn’t been bad enough, it turned out that the neighbors were a group of rowdy gym-loving college lads who had taken great delight in seeing three nerdy young men arriving for the week. Luke had seen the malicious intentions in their eyes and he wasn’t looking forward to running into any of them, especially not on his own. He’d never had much of a backbone and considering every single one of them had been twice the size of him, he wasn’t delusional enough to think he even stood a chance. He’d roll over and submit, just like he always did!

Sat around the Marvel-themed Monopoly board that Dean had provided, the trio were nursing cans of cola and were doing their very best not to discuss how mediocre the first day of their big getaway trip had been. The negative thoughts were eating away at the edges of Luke’s mind though and he knew that he would only let those feelings bubble up until he exploded. 

“I wish we could be having as much fun as them,” Luke huffed, nodding his head towards the wall. The unmistakable bass of powerful speakers blasting dance music all but made the thin wall vibrate as the college boys next door partied it up. The thought of them all getting totally wasted and having the time of their lives only made Luke feel even more pathetic and miserable. He loved both Dean and Sean as if they were his brothers but the undeniable truth was that all three of them were total losers.

There was no way for Luke to know just how fateful that wish would prove to be. He was long past the age of wishing upon shooting stars and had somewhat reluctantly accepted that there was no such thing as magic as he entered his teenage years. Luke had given up on his dreams of being a popular athletic guy a long time ago, but there was still a whisper at the back of his mind longing for it despite its unlikely nature. Nothing short of a miracle would gain him any sort of popularity, not to mention self-confidence. He was lacking in almost every department and totally miserable for it too.

Hours later, after Monopoly had been packed away and all of their Diet Coke cans had been consumed, Luke settled down into the guest room double-bed he was sharing with Sean. With the dull soundtrack of next door’s music finally trailing off as the clock ticked past three in the morning, Luke was finally able to sail off to the land of sleep with only minimal fidgeting to get comfortable next to his friend’s equally slender body.

The dream that greeted Luke was far more exciting than he’d anticipated it being. He found himself down at the beach and accompanied by two gorgeous studs, both handsome enough to be models and definitely far too good looking to be wasting their time with him. This was his dream though and the guys were all over him, pressing their lips to his body and moaning sweet nothings into his ear. They didn’t seem to care that people all over the beach were watching them and strangely Luke didn’t feel insecure about it either. Even though it was limited to his dream, he finally felt some confidence!

As the sun rose above the horizon and began to shine into the room through a gap in the curtains, Luke was forced to leave the relaxation of his perfect dream behind. The first thing he noticed as he began to stir back into consciousness though was how small the bed felt. His memory of him and Sean both fitting comfortably in it the night before was called into doubt because they sure as hell weren’t now. 

In addition to being squashed into a bed that apparently hadn’t been made big enough to fit two pretty under-average sized young men, Luke couldn’t shake the feeling that he was heavier. It was a weird sensation to experience but making himself get up out of bed seemed like a much more difficult task. He dismissed it as little more than over-tiredness thanks to the douchebags next door playing music all night long but as he sat up and brushed the sleep out of his eyes, he was confronted by the reality that things had taken a rather drastic and unexpected turn overnight.

The first thing he noticed was his thighs and how could he not considering they were packed with muscles, his quads stretching out the pajama shorts he’d worn to bed the previous night. A considerable amount of hair had grown on those legs too, reaching down all the way to his feet which also seem to have grown several sizes overnight. Luke wiggled his toes to check that they were really his feet and inhaled a sharp breath as he received his answer.

Leaving the bed behind, Luke staggered to his feet and stumbled out of the guest room and into the bathroom. His heart was picking up the pace and the added mass made even just a short trip surprisingly more difficult. The unexpected struggle was worth it though once he was greeted by his reflection in the bathroom mirror.

There was really no denying that the man in the mirror was an idealized version of himself - the kind of guy that Luke could never hope to be in reality. Square jaw, thick neck, designer stubble… he looked like he’d just stepped out of a fashion magazine and there was simply no way that this could be a reality. Luke really didn’t want to believe that he was still dreaming but how else could he explain the hunk in the mirror?

“What the… fuck?” he gasped, immediately taking note of the lower pitch of his voice. Luke had always been a little insecure about his voice, having been told many times that he sounded ‘camp’ and it had been a source of discomfort for him since his days in school when it was just one of the many reasons he’d been a target of bullies. “I’m still dreaming.” There it was again, that beautiful deep voice. A shiver of arousal traveled down his spine as he accepted that he was the source of that richness.

The sound of heavy footsteps along the corridor snapped Luke out his chance and he rushes to lock the bathroom door. “Occupied,” he grunted, hoping it would give him enough time to explain how he’d turned into a hunk overnight.

“Hurry the fuck up then,” an equally deep voice responded from the other side of the door, causing Luke to pause in his tracks. That voice hadn’t belonged to either Sean or Dean - so who the hell was it? The curiosity got the better of him and he slowly opened the door to greet the new arrival, only to be stunned by the sight of another well-groomed stud that most certainly hadn’t been present in the house the night before.

Their eyes locked and for moment Luke had no idea what to say until a single thought drifted across his mind - Dean. This blond piece of beef couldn’t possibly be Dean though, he’d been the shortest of the lot of them with a squeaky voice and impossibly pale skin. The stud standing opposite Luke was anything but!

“Luke?” the other man asked, scratching at the hair on his chest. The action was more than a little distracting to say the least. This guy was practically sex on legs! “Is that…” His words trailed off and shook his head as if to rid himself of a stray thought. “Are you done checking yourself out? I really need to piss.” It was crass and so unlike Dean but the longer Luke stared at him, the more he was able to accept that this man really was one of his best friends.

Shuffling out of the way to allow Dean entry into the bathroom, Luke instead returned to the guest bedroom and braced himself for what he would find. Sure enough, the Sean that was still dozing away under the duvet wasn’t the same lean twink from the night before but an ab-popping, mouth-watering stud with simply the most beautiful face Luke had ever seen. He looked like a goddamn supermodel, for crying out loud!

Suddenly it made a lot more sense why that double bed had seemed so small upon waking up that morning. Two men their size needed something a little bigger in order to fit comfortably. 

Still somewhat wary of the whole situation, Luke chose to let his friend sleep and instead made his way down into the kitchen. He instinctively checked the fridge and was surprised at the disappointment he felt upon not finding any beers. He’d never been the type to drink beer and especially not so early in the day! What am I thinking?

Grabbing a nice cold cup of water instead, Luke head out into the back garden and moved one of the lounge chairs into the sun. He vaguely remembered the weather report for the whole week being miserable and yet here was the sun, blessing them with an absolutely beautiful morning. Luke knew that he’d have to have a serious discussion with his friends when they were all awake about what was going on but until then there didn’t seem to be anything wrong with catching some rays.

Luke wasn’t sure how long he had been enjoying the sunshine when he felt something soft hit him in the chest. He opened his eyes and stared down at the blue swimming shorts, then up at the two gorgeous men he was reluctantly accepting to be his best friends. “Beach?” Dean asked, grinning from ear to ear.

As much as he wanted to address the exceptional circumstances they had woken up to that morning, Luke instead found himself nodding in return. “Fuck yes!” he exclaimed, jumping out of the chair and fist-bumping his friends. Hitting the beach would be the perfect way to show off their hot bodies and get a bit of well-deserved attention. 

“Only if we pick up some beers on the way,” Sean added, apparently thinking on the same wavelength as Luke. He had a real craving for the stuff that he’d never quite experienced before but he was glad that he wasn’t along. A few beers down on the beach sounded like the perfect way to spend the first full day of their little break from their monotonous lives!

Upon leaving the house some five minutes later, dressed only in their swimming shorts and happily showing off their muscular bodies, the trio were met by a rather unexpected sight - a pack of small, skinny nerds leaving the house next door. The little dweebs were half the size of them and appeared to be incredibly timid, doing their best to avoid looking at the trio of hunks but failing to hide their hungry glances. 

Luke couldn’t help it - he laughed. He’d never seen such a pathetic sight before in his life! The memories of the night before, being kept up by all the partying by their college neighbors, was completely wiped and with it went all of Luke’s memories of ever being anything less than he currently was. He was no loser, that was for damn sure, but he knew that him and his buddies were going to have a lot of fun tormenting the dweebs next door.

Smirking at the skinny redheaded kid who dared catch his eye, Luke reached down to grab at his crotch and show off the eight-inch length he was rocking. The loser’s cheeks blushed almost as deep a red as his hair and it only made Luke laugh harder. His friends were joining in too, recognizing the lesser men before them and loving every moment of it.

Their laughter continued as the losers hurried away, heads down and whispering among each other. Luke shared a look with both of his buds, knowing that they were going to have to pull out all the stops to make the skinny little fuckers squirm. For now though, they were due to hit the beach and enjoy the beautiful weather with the best and most gorgeous company a young stud like Luke could ask for. There was no doubt left in his mind - this week was going to be the perfect summer break!

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