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So Dumb

Ever since I moved to college I’ve had an uncontrollable crush on my roommate Josef. He was physically perfect - toned muscles, handsome face and big cock but nobody’s perfect, right? He had one big drawback and that was his intelligence. He wasn’t just dumb, he was outright stupid and living with him could be a real chore at times. I had no idea how he’d even managed to get into college because the guy could hardly even do simply math. 

Even though we were both gay I knew that Josef would never be interested in me because he made a point of telling me on day one that he preferred big guys that could make him submissive to them. He said it with such a dumb smile on his face too, chuckling as he lifted his shirt up to scratch at his treasure trail. He had no idea what kind of effect he had on me but I kept my mouth shut to stop things from becoming too awkward between us.

Despite being a pretty shitty roommate who never cleaned up after himself I still went easy on Josef simply because I was so attracted to him. I frequently imagined him pinning me down with those big arms of his and fucking me senseless but I knew that it would never become a reality so I did my best to think of other ways to deal with my growing obsession over him.

I discovered an answer a few weeks before spring break when I came across a spell that would allow me to possess Josef and take his body for a test drive. It would last twenty-four hours and I would retain all of my own memories and feelings as long as I didn’t ejaculate in his body. That seemed like a fair trade and it wasn’t long before I cast the spell and found myself suddenly pulled towards my roommate who was currently lounging around in only a tight pair of boxer briefs and a top that clung perfectly around his big biceps.

As my spirit invaded his body and took control I found myself overcome by a wave of arousal that had the boxer briefs tenting in no time. Stretching out Josef’s arms, I enjoyed the subtle movement of his biceps and found myself flexing them repeatedly and laughing. It felt incredible to be in such a powerful body! I was so used to being skinny and average that I’d never paused to consider what it would be like to be built like Josef was.

Settling in front of the mirror I pulled my shirt up to check out the abs I had only seen from a distance before and even pinch at the boy’s nipples. Pleasure shot through the body and I felt my hips buck as the briefs became uncomfortable holding in the other’s cock. As I reached down to rearrange and try and make things a little better for myself I instead found my hand wrapping around the shaft and beginning to stroke. Even though I’d read the warnings I couldn’t help myself, I was so turned on. 

Within moments I had shot my entire load into the white boxer briefs and permanently sealed myself inside of this body. Panic shot through me as I realized what I had done but it was already too long. Dropping back onto the sofa I realized in horror that I could already feel my memories and intelligence slipping away, replaced by memories I recognized as Josef’s life. No, not Josef’s - mine. I was already beginning to forget who I was!

As the last bits of my identity slipped away and I settled into the hazy fog that was Josef’s brain I found myself having only one thought: I needed to find a daddy with a big cock to bounce on. That was all I cared about now, not any smart college shit or thinking about where my skinny roommate disappeared to. Maybe I’ll spare a thought for that crap later but right now I gotta go get laid before I burst again!

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