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Shutting Down The Party

Ryan was adamant that his step-son couldn’t borrow any of his uniforms to attend a Halloween party being hosted by one of his high school classmates as a cop. “They’re official uniforms,” he had told the teenager in a stern voice, “Touch them and you’re grounded for the rest of the year.” Unfortunately Blake had always been too stubborn for his own good and when Ryan was busy making the dinner for his wife, his step-son crept into his bedroom and stole a uniform from his closet.

To say that the muscular Ryan’s uniform sat baggy on Blake’s more slender frame would be an understatement but it didn’t matter to the high school senior. All he cared about was getting drunk and having a good night with his closest friends and maybe even hooking up with a cheerleader or two. No doubt they’d be parading around in slutty bunny or kitten costumes as they always did this time of year.

Fleeing the house before he could be caught by his mother or step-father, Blake decided to walk to the party. It was a long thirty minute walk across town on a cold evening but he filled the time by flirting with Mandy, a cute girl in his Chem class who was totally into him, via Tinder and promising her some special attention that evening. He was leading her on, of course, as he preferred his girls with a few less brain cells and bigger tits, but he enjoyed the inflation of his ego whenever he was showered with attention from any girl.

Approaching the mini-mansion of Josh Clayton, the senior class’ resident rich kid, Blake was immediately overwhelmed by the loud music and the hubbub of voices, all coming from inside the house. The lawn was decorated with cobwebs and a number of monstrous shapes and up the top of the steps, the large double doors were wide open. Lights of orange, purple and green flashed from inside, promising a Halloween experience unlike any other. Wearing a grin on his face, Blake thundered up the steps and entered the house.

As soon as he crossed the threshold though, a strange sensation came over him and he reached out to steady himself against the wall. There was a stirring in his gut and an ache in his head - as well as the sudden overwhelming need for caffeine, which was strange considering Blake had never previously bothered himself with hot drinks of any sort. His step-father was a coffee addict though, probably going through at least six cups a day. It was his biggest vice, he would often say, to which Blake would roll his eyes. He hated having to hear Ryan talk about nutrition and healthy living, which he seemed to love even more than he loved Blake’s mother.

That’s not true, his step-father’s voice said in his head, catching Blake by surprise. He stood up a little straighter and rubbed at his eyes to ensure that he was seeing clearly. He’d only been to the Clayton house once before but everything looked strangely smaller to him. Taking a few steps forward, Blake was surprised that he could still hear the heavy footfalls of his boots on the fine wooden floors despite the loud dance music from the next room. The uniform no longer seemed so loose around his body either, with his well-muscled frame filling it out and even causing some strain around the biceps and thighs.

Resting his hands on his belt, he sauntered forward a few more steps and took a moment to smell the place out. It reeked of alcohol and caused his stomach to turn. He couldn’t even remember the last time he’d had a drop of the stuff - he’d always hated how out of control he felt while under the influence and besides, it wouldn’t look good for such a notable cop to be getting drunk anywhere in the local area, would it? The absurdity of that thought didn’t even trouble Blake as he ventured further into the house but what he saw in the next room cause him to freeze immediately.

Everywhere he looked was a teenager with a drink in their hands, many of them sloppily making out or groping each other up in dark corners of the room. A flash of disgust and disappointment ran through him as he marched across the room and pulled the sound system out of the wall socket, immediately provoking a mass chorus of boos from the gathered party-goers. A few of them looked at Blake with wide terrified eyes and pretty soon the whole room fell quiet, waiting on him to speak.

“That’s it for tonight, kids. Party’s over. Get out of here before I have to take it any further!” he ordered in the same deep drawl as his step-father. “Go on, scram!” Within moments the gathered teenagers were fleeing as if their lives depended on it, many of them unstable on their feet and making clear fools of themselves as they disappeared into the night, hopefully to go back to their beds and sleep off the effects of all their drinking. Dumb kids.

Once he was certain that the party was shut down, Ryan left the house and returned to the cop car he had pulled up in just a few minutes earlier. He remembered being a big fan of Halloween when he was a teenager but not it was more hassle than it was worth. Everyone seemed to go crazy and it was one hell of a long night for a cop like him!

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