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Replaced Their Protein Shakes

Jake and Reese were two rough-and-rowdy jocks who had been raised by their conservative families like princes and as such, they expected the rest of the world to treat them like royalty. If somebody dared turn their nose up at them, the boys weren’t afraid to lay hands on the poor fool and force him to submit to their superiority. They had no great love for anybody who didn’t fit their definition of normal - namely straight white Republican football-loving jocks.

As such, it was hardly a surprise that quite a large portion of the young adult community in the town had grown to resent Jake and Reese. Even their own teammates on the local college football team thought they were racist homophobic douchebags. The general consensus was that the two lads needed to be taken down a notch but how? 

The plan was actually rather simple. For all their good looks and bad attitudes, both boys had rather poor common sense and were known to leave their lockers completely open whenever they were working out in the gym or running laps on the track. All it took was for one mistreated nerd to replace their protein shakes with a little broth he’d cooked up in the science lab. It was the same color and constituency as the protein shakes but even if it hadn’t been, he highly doubted they would have noticed.

Sure enough, without even hesitating a moment the boys downed their drinks within minutes of returning to the locker room. Their teammates watched with baited breath, silently hoping and praying that their new nerd friend hadn’t been over-selling his chemistry skills. They had promised him a place on the reserve team if he did a good job, after all.

Just as the team began to presume that the plan had failed, the junior quarterback nudged the guy next to him and pointed over at Jake. “He look smaller to you?” he muttered, keeping his voice low for fear of what the blond jock might do if he had heard. They were known for their rather wicked tempers and he didn’t want to end up on the bad side of it.

Sure enough though, he wasn’t wrong. Jake’s upper arms were no longer the size of footballs and his track pants didn’t hug his thighs quite so tightly any more. Turning their attention to Reese, they were delighted to find that the same could be said for the dark-haired jock. The duo had previously been some of the largest guys in the locker room but the junior quarterback now felt comfortable in saying that he was easily the same size as his senior counterpart.

Deep down both Jake and Reese knew something was happening to them but they couldn’t quite identify what it was. The transformation of their bodies was slow and subtle but it was also accompanied by a change to their thoughts, desires and memories. A fog began to cloud their mind and as a mild panic settled in his brain, Reese broke down into giggles.

“What’s wrong with you, man?” Jake asked sharply, absently taking note of how much smaller his best friend looked. He couldn’t be any taller than six foot anymore - but then again, it wasn’t like he was much taller. A memory of them both being in the six-foot-four-to-five range lingered for a moment, prompting confusion, before it was wiped clear of his brain.

“Just… I’m just…” Words completely failed Reese for a moment and he instead opted to glance around the room, internally pleading for help even as his eyes settled on the sweaty muscular bodies that surrounded him. Oh fuck! The beautiful sight prompted an almost immediate tenting in his shorts. “I’m horny,” he admitted, a blush coloring his cheeks. 

As Jake took notice of his friend’s sudden situation, the same began to happen to him too. “M-me too,” he stammered, taking notice of how the young men surrounding them all seemed so much bigger and stronger than them. Neither Jake nor Reese saw them as teammates or even former teammates. All memories of being two of the prime players on their college football teams had been completely wiped away, replaced by thoughts of shaking their asses for older men and worshiping any stud who would have them.

Giving into their new identities, Jake and Reese lowered themselves down onto their knees and opened their lips, ready and waiting to be dominated. It was the only reason they could think of as to why they’d be in the football team’s locker room and thankfully their former teammates were only too happy to have their way with the two douchebags who had given the jocks of their college such a bad reputation for the past several years.

The junior quarterback - although he presumed it was fair to say he was now the team’s starting quarterback - made a note to get back in contact with the nerd that had helped them out. There was definitely a spot for him on the bench if he could whip up another one of his creative potions and fit in with the muscular jocks of the locker room!

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