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Pulled Over

As Laura saw the flashing lights of the cop car directly behind her, she let out a groan of disbelief. She’d been within the speed limit but of course it would be just her luck. Pulling over to the side of the road, she took a quick glance into the rear-view mirror and inspected the cop approaching her vehicle.

Laura’s first impression was that he was a sleazeball. There was something about his slicked-back hair and thin face that made her uneasy and she could already tell from the ugly smirk on his face that he had pulled her over simply because as a woman he’d found her an easy target. He wouldn’t be the first douchebag cop she’d ever encountered but it never felt any more comfortable.

Thankfully, having been in this exact position before, Laura had already conducted a plan. Gripping onto the wheel, she closed her eyes and focused. Her body quickly began to shift and reshape, the delicate features of her face giving way to a square jawline and a dusting of stubble while her nose became wider and hair retreated into a shorter cut. Her body followed suit as her petite frame began to balloon up with muscle, prompting her to bust out of her blouse. Her breasts reshaped into two solid pectorals, while her core tightened up considerably to form a clearly defined six-pack of abs.

After throwing the shreds of her blouse into the backseat, Laura took a deep breath and fixed a serious expression on her face as she rolled the window down. “Yes, officer?” she grunted, a deep voice billowing forth from her throat so unlike her own. The first time she’d undergone the shift, adjusting to the masculine body and voice had been a struggle but now it felt like second nature to her. She relished it, even.

The cop paused, staring at her in disbelief, having clearly expected the woman he’d seen driving barely some thirty seconds ago. Sensing the other’s moment of vulnerability, Laura puffed her chest up and glared at the man. He was tall and thin, with a pale complexion and a snide look to his facial features - certainly no competition for the hunk that she had shifted into. “You– you were–” the cop stammered, giving Laura the opportunity she needed.

“Look, bro, I gotta be places. You gonna fine me or what?” she growled, locking eyes with him. She had dated a number of macho douchebags over the years and knew how to play the intimidation game as well as any ‘bro’.

As expected the cop let her off with a warning and fled back to his car with one final envious look over Laura’s studly body. She chuckled as he sped away, flustered and angry at himself for apparently pulling over the wrong person. Moving her car back onto the road, Laura fixed a smile upon her face. She’d be stuck like this for the next twenty-four hours but that wasn’t exactly a bad thing, even if it required a change of plans. She wasn’t too sure how her new boyfriend would feel about another man turning up for their date…

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