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Pretty Boys / Alpha Men

Updated: Dec 15, 2018

Brad and John had never really struggled with anything in life. Genetically blessed, they cruised by on their good looks and boyish charms, winning hearts wherever they went. They were even Instagram celebrities, earning thousands of likes on every carefully-filtered selfie.

Brad wasn’t the type to dwell on how he’d become so popular but John let it get to his head and became rather self-centered as a result. He knew that he was a “pretty boy” and he did everything he could to make sure he lived up to that image, carefully watching his weight and only doing exercises at the gym that would keep him lean rather than put on muscle. He didn’t want to risk ruining his perfect image.

It was really no surprise that the boys were popular attractions whenever they hit the gay clubs but John’s impossibly high standards meant that he often went home alone. Brad was a little more laidback and a big fan of having company in the bedroom and on one particular night, after John had abandoned him and he’d consequently had a few too many drinks, he encountered a handsome young man who only introduced himself as ‘Maguire’.

“You’re too gorgeous to be here on your own,” Maguire whispered, his deep voice almost hypnotic in nature and sending shivers down Brad’s spine. There was something compelling about the mystery man’s voice and Brad couldn’t help but want him to talk more. “Do you mind if I keep you company?”

“N– not at all,” the pretty boy stammered, surprised by his own lack of confidence. He never had anything to be nervous about and yet in the presence of Maguire he felt entirely inexperienced and unprepared.

A drink quickly followed and as Maguire handed it over their fingers brushed together and Brad felt static that sent a shiver down his spine. Little did he know that with just a touch of the glass, Maguire had laced his drink with a magic ingredient - one that would have interesting consequences.

The moment the liquid passed down Brad’s throat, his body started to heat up. Just moments later and he felt unbearably so unbearably hot that he was actively tugging at his shirt and considering removing it altogether. “You alright there, stud?” Maguire asked him, sending another shiver down Brad’s spine. “Do you want to go somewhere cooler?”

Brad was quick to nod in agreement. He had no idea what had caused the hot flush but it was unlike anything he’d ever felt in his life before. He gasped for breath, embarrassed at having such a reaction in front of somebody as good looking as Maguire. He probably looked like a fool and that simply wasn’t in Brad’s character at all. He was usually the type to remain cool at all times.

The rest of the evening passed by in several flashes. The next thing Brad knew he was in the middle of the dance floor with Maguire, lost in the other man’s beautiful eyes. Hands massaged his pecs and Brad moaned in delight, loving the magical sensation of the other’s hands on him. 

Next he was at the bar and Maguire was handing over another drink - this time the man’s hand was on his thigh, creeping closer to where Brad had already tented out the crotch of his jeans. He was quickly being consumed by his lust and he didn’t want to control it either, not when such a hunk was currently treating him like a prince.

In the mediocre privacy of a bathroom stall Maguire got down onto his knees and gave Brad the best blowjob of his life, bringing forth deep grunts and groans from the Instagram model. He grabbed hold of Maguire by the hair, quickly claiming dominance over the other in a way that only felt natural to him. In fact he was hardly surprised that the handsome stranger would want him because who wouldn’t? He was clearly the hottest guy in the club!

Much to his disappointment, the next thing Brad could remember was being completely alone. He was back in the luxury apartment he shared with his best friend, in his en-suite bathroom and taking selfies on his cell phone. He hardly even noticed just how much he had changed, his slender form being replaced by hulking muscle. He was a bonafide hunk - the type of guy who appeared to live at the gym, lifting far more than the original Brad’s body weight!

Still horned up from his encounter with Maguire in the club and unaware of how much he had changed, Brad decided to visit the one person he knew was on hand to help him out. John didn’t even seem to think there was anything different about his best friend as the hunk made his presence known by climbing on top of him and pinning the other boy down against his sheets.

“Hey hunk,” John purred, stealing kisses on the other’s pecs. Brad flexed them, putting on a show for his roommate and loving the lust that appeared in the other’s eyes. He was a sucker for people wanting to worship his muscles, it was why his Instagram account was full of selfies with him flexing or working out in the gym! He’d gotten quite the online following for it too!

One sensual fuck later and John was joining Brad in the land of muscle-fueled alpha machismo. With every thrust inside the smaller man, Brad had watched John’s muscles swell and take on definition. His facial features shifted, lifting him out of the realm of pretty boy and into the ‘handsome bro’ category. He would still definitely be a hit at the club but for all different reasons. Hell, they were both already massively popular at their gym - the owner even gave them free memberships in return for private flexing sessions!

By the time both hunks were spent and side-by-side in the bed, they were hardly recognizable from their former lives as pretty boy Instagram models. They were part of Instagram’s fitness clan and damn proud of it. After all, would a pretty boy look this impressive when he flexed?

Didn’t think so!

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