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My Hardworking Staff

I’m a man of fine tastes. I think that’s pretty undeniable considering my estate and those I employ to work in it. When you have as much wealth, power and authority as I do then these things come pretty easily. I know there are a lot of men out there who wish they could be me - no doubt you do too - but the simple fact is that there can only be one man living my life and I’m certainly not planning to give it up any time soon.

My wealth has afforded me what some might consider to be a lavish mansion, with a large yard and all the trimmings such as an infinity pool and garage stocked with the fastest sports cars. To me it’s simply a home and I’ve never regretted the manner in which I’ve chosen to spend my hard-earned fortune.

As for the staff - of course I have a full staff, do you think I’d actually do my own cooking and cleaning? - I like to make sure they are as professional as can be. I’ve received a number of compliments on my staff and it’s not hard to see why. Not only are they incredibly efficient at their jobs but they are all also gorgeous to behold and believe me, that’s no coincidence.

Now let me reassure you that there is of course no foul play happening here. Perhaps these men were chosen over more qualified individuals but believe me, it was their passion that sold me on them being the right choice. After just a simple request from myself they were able to demonstrate their new duties and even collectively decided on their new uniforms, namely booty shorts or trunks that leave little to the imagine. As a proud gay male I certainly have no issues with what they choose to wear and it certainly makes me estate all the more appealing for visitors!

You say you’ve heard rumors about hypnotism being used to draw these gorgeous men under my control, yes? Please believe that I would never stoop so low. Every member of my hardworking staff is here by choice and does an exceptional job. Perhaps you’d like to see for yourself? We have Josiah who prepares all my meals, my pool cleaner Vaughn and my personal trainer Andrew on hand here to show you around.

I must make sure that the boys show you the library. I’ve been thinking of investing in a new librarian and a handsome man like yourself would certainly look the part…

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