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Mission Failure

Agent Drake had been skeptical when he was approached to join the Deep Undercover Transformation Investigation Team to say the least, because who the hell had ever heard of DUTIT? They had been deliberately vague when they had approached the FBI agent, promising to explain more only if he signed a contract with them. Eventually the money being offered won out as since his divorce he’d been living on much less than desirable, particularly because of the costs he was paying towards child support.

When DUTIT finally briefed Drake on their unique take of investigating, he could hardly believe it. Their agents had their consciousness taken and placed in a new body in order to allow them to better go undercover with potential gangs and criminal empires. Drake was a relative stranger to undercover work but he had something of a history when it came to big-time takedowns of crime rings and as such, he had caught the attention of the folks in charge of DUTIT.

In order to test his suitability to the division, the folks in charge gave Agent Drake a relatively simple mission to start him off. They were suspecting that a wannabe actor in LA was making dirty deals with crime bosses in the city in exchange for some golden opportunities and was using the gym as his meeting place. Agent Drake was to go in and investigate the claims and see if he could get anything out of the suspect. It sounded easy enough, especially as he’d be getting a more suitable body to blend in with the rest of the young men in the gym. Approaching his fifties and with a little more baggage around his waist, Drake knew he would stand out in his own body but the folks at DUTIT claimed they had the perfect body for him.

Indeed, nobody suspected Drake of being anything other than another aspiring model-type as he entered the gym that fateful day and began to busy himself at the weight rack, keeping his eye out for the suspect. By the time he eventually arrived some ninety minutes later, Drake had worked up quite the sweat and was three sets deep in some dumbbell shoulder presses when he finally noticed the man in question. I’ll speak to him after set five, Drake told himself, not wanting to interrupt his flow.

By the time he reached the end of his fifth set though, Drake was eager to continue right on to some overhead tricep extensions, even though he could see the suspect speaking to a number of individuals in hushed tones towards the back of the gym. He had the perfect opportunity to catch the crook red-handed but the need to blend in and work his new body to the limit was simply too strong for him to resist. Eventually the suspect and his accomplices left and yet Drake still hadn’t learned anything of use, nor deviated from his workout for even a single moment.

Needless to say the mission was deemed a failure and Drake was released from his contract with the DUTIT, although he was permitted to keep his new body under a new identity. He was quick to forget about the organization he had so briefly worked for and in a short while remembered nothing of his past life as a government official, now only recognizing himself as a Hollywood hopeful with a passion for keeping his body in tip-top shape.

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