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Mirror Demon

God I hate being stuck in this goddamn mirror world while that demon is wandering around in my body tricking everybody into believing he’s me! I don’t know how he’s getting away with it because somebody has to have noticed - my girlfriend or my friends for sure. That hasn’t happened though and I’m still stuck in here months after our exchange.

It happened back in late summer when I was getting back from hanging out at the pool with some of my bros. I paused to flex in front of the mirror in my bathroom as I so often did and was caught by surprise when I saw that my eyes were an unnatural pink instead of their usual green. Leaning in closer to expect them, I was caught totally off guard as my reflection’s hands pushed through the mirror and grabbed me by the face. Within seconds I had been pulled straight into the mirror as the demon on the other side sprung free.

Since then I’ve been forced to live in any reflective surface that the demon passes by and it’s infuriating to see him out living my life so perfectly. I was fairly sure that the exchange must have given him my memories too because he’s doing too good of a job to be able to be doing it without them.

He hasn’t stopped tormenting me either - standing in front of the mirror for hours at the end of the day to remind me of everything he’d achieved as me and pulling stupid faces that I’m forced to copy. I have no control over myself anymore, it’s all him and he isn’t shy about exploring my body and jerking off in front of his reflection knowing just how much it pisses me off.

The worst is when he fucks people in front of mirrors though, especially when it’s not my girlfriend. He’s even fucked a few of my best mates in front of the gym’s mirrors before which is particularly infuriating because I’ve never been attracted to men in my life. He keeps taunting me by saying he’s eventually going to dump my girlfriend and start publicly dating another guy which he knows will ruin my family relationships and make things difficult at work. I’ve just got to hope I can find a way to get my body back before then…

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