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Intense Training

Jamie didn’t think himself a social justice warrior, but social media definitely portrayed him as one. It was no wonder that Jamie has over 200k followers, he enjoyed the beauty of the human body and valued keeping the body in the best condition it could be in. Jamie posted pictures of his very beefy, hairy frame for that reason.

Many of Jamie’s post would come with an insightful question, his favorite use of social media. He wasn’t egotistical, Jamie didn’t think his—what many call hot—body would change the world and didn’t even really think that he influenced the opinion of people. Jamie just thought it was important to encourage others to think about and question things, it just so happened his body got people’s attention.

Grant had been Jamie’s personal trainer for about a year and a half now. Jamie was one of his favorite clients, always so driven and actually took Grant’s advice. Over the past few months they became more friends than just trainer and client, prompting Jamie to follow Grant on Instagram. Grant was curious and took a look at Jamie’s page, amazed at the multitude of followers. Grant followed Jamie and perused through his account.

The trainer was taken back by the amount of gay posts that Jamie made. The posts that questioned and supported equality weren’t awful, but the posts that Jamie made in a corset or with earrings and such made Grant cringe. He knew that he had to take matters in his own hands.

Grant had a special pre-workout that he got from a friend that claimed to be a witch. It actually worked well on his clients that had a hard time committing to their training, but it had an unintended side effect. His clients worked harder in the gym, but it also seemed to increase their stereotypical macho gym bro persona. Grant didn’t have any other gay clients to know how it’d work on Jamie, but he was hopeful for positive results.

Jamie was happy to accept the pre-workout from Grant when he walked into the gym, his trainer never gave him bad advice. He was really happy with the taste, and Jamie definitely felt the effects of the pre-workout rather quickly. A few minutes later he started his session with Grant and was performing even better than normal.

The more Jamie lifted the more foreign thoughts began to enter his mind. He’d catch a glimpse of another guy and Jamie couldn’t help but think of how he was superior to the other man. He pushed himself harder, checking himself out in the mirror and flexed every chance he got in the gym mirrors while giving himself some arrogant looks as he did. Jamie was vaguely aware of the attitude but couldn’t will himself to stop.

When one of the gym girls walked by and gave Jamie a once over as he flexed in the mirror, he met her glance and gave his chest a pop before telling her “Looking good, babe.” Jamie was horrified at his response, but his face definitely didn’t show it as the girl smiled at him and continued with her workout. Grant walked over and patted Jamie on the back, making a few crude jokes that Jamie gave a dumb chuckle at and joined in on. Grant asked Jamie if he was joining the guys that night at the club to pick up chicks and reminded him that he didn’t want to let his pump go to waste. Jamie gave Grant a bro first bump and hand shake, telling Grant “Yeah bro! Can’t be a Saturday night without taking home a nice piece of ass, right??” Grant deviously smiled at Jamie, happy that his favorite client may become his favorite bro.

Jamie wanted to run away and figure out what was happening. Instead, he swaggered through the gym to grab his bag started making his way back out. Walking out of the front door one of the nice gay regulars to the gym accidentally bumped into Jamie and just stared for a moment after apologizing, waiting for a response. Jamie felt a physical disgust and retorted “Quit fucking staring, little man! Nothing here for a queer wimp like you!” Jamie walked away laughing, but was crying on the inside, devastated that he had no control to stop himself from being such a disgusting jerk.

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