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Marvel: Leirreya's Rule [Steve & Tony]

Updated: May 4, 2019

Although torn apart by the aftermath of the superhero civil war, the legacies of Captain America and Iron Man were still intertwined. They both continued to fight crime in their own way, Iron Man leading a new team of Avengers while Captain America continued on in secret with his own teammates. What the former allies didn’t realize was that fate still had plans for them and even though they tried, they were never truly going to escape one another.

In this scenario, fate happened to come in the form of a new villain with nefarious plans for the heroes of the world. Leirreya was a dark elf witch who had been locked away for thousands of years after she had caused the fall of a powerful empire through the use of her transformative powers. Accidentally freed by the tampering of the Guardians of the Galaxy, she set her eyes on Earth as so many villains do and decided to make it her new home.

Taking over the planet would have its challenges though and no doubt the various superheroes would try to get in her way. That was why she had concocted a plan to keep them all distracted and unable to sort themselves out and why not start with their two feuding yet still undeniable leaders?

Leirreya’s curse fell upon the two heroes while they were thousands of miles apart, each fighting their own battle against some jumped up supervillain who actually thought they stood a chance. Tony was more than a little surprised when he felt something run through him like an electrical current completely unprompted and then his world went dark for a few moments until he finally opened his eyes and stared out at a view he didn’t recognize. Much more worrying, he wasn’t in his high-tech suit anymore either. Instead, he was in a star-spangled uniform he knew too damn well…

As a child, it had been easy for Tony to feel jealous of the famous Captain America. His father had done nothing but harp on about the man, telling stories of his fantastic adventures during the war and making Tony feel like he could never live up to the ghost of the man his father clearly loved. Steve was good, he was gorgeous, he was what every man should aspire to be, his father would tell him. “Built like a Greek God. You would have loved him, Tony!” Those were the kind of things Tony had grown up feeling and as a result he’d always felt insecure, like he wasn’t the man his father wanted him to be. That was why his relationship with Steve became antagonistic so easily, because even to this day he was still jealous of Steve and the love that he had gotten from Tony’s father. It wasn’t fair that Steve should get everything he wanted.

It was his father’s personal photographs of Steve that had made Tony first question his sexuality when he’d been a young teen, but those old pictures were nothing compared to how the real thing looked when he finally got back to the other man’s secret base and all but ripped the Captain’s uniform off. Every muscle was big and perfectly defined: his arms the size of footballs, his pecs meaty and firm. Just to top it all off, even his cock was huge and despite a voice in his head telling him it wasn’t right, Tony couldn’t help but start playing with it. He had always admired Steve’s body but right now it was his. He was the man he had secretly always wanted to be and it felt like a blessing more than a curse.

By the time Cap’s teammates returned to the secret base hours later, Tony had already climaxed a number of times and had pulled on the tightest clothing Steve owned. If he had a body like this, why would he ever bother hiding it?

Steve, meanwhile, wasn’t quite as happy to find himself suddenly ripped out of his body and thrown into Tony’s instead. Even had they still been on good terms this would have felt awkward, but knowing that Tony had been actively hunting him and his Secret Avengers down for months made Steve feel even worse. He had no idea what the other man was doing in his body but he knew that he was probably up to no good and needed to be stopped before he put anybody at risk.

It felt strange calling upon the Stark Industries private jet but considering he had no idea how to fly the Iron Man suit, it felt like the quickest way to get to where he needed to be. Steve had known that the jet was lavish and stocked with near unlimited amounts of champagne and other booze but would he hadn’t expected was for Tony to keep a certain type of company on board as entertainment. He had barely settled down onto one of the comfortable leather seats and closed his eyes, ready to sleep the journey away, when he felt hands undoing the zipper of his pants. Opening his eyes, Steve stared in shock at the young man in front of him. He was the definition of a twink: light blond hair, skinny frame and probably only just in his twenties. In a way, he almost reminded Steve of the boy he used to be before he’d taken the Super Soldier serum.

“Are you okay, Mr Stark?” the twink asked in a flowery voice as he began to massage the older man’s cock through the fabric of his overpriced silk boxers. Steve knew that this was wrong but it felt so good and it had been so long since he had last let himself get off. He was at a total loss for words anyway and the twink seemed to take the silence as permission to continue. In almost no time at all both his pants and his boxers had been pulled down and the twink was going to town on his cock, deepthroating the impressive length with ease. Steve couldn’t help but wonder how many times a situation like this had happened. He was quickly understanding exactly why Tony was always so eager to take trips in his jet alone.

By the time they finally landed at their destination, Steve had blown his load twice - once inside the twink’s mouth and the other while he was buried deep inside his hole, having let the younger man ride him. The sex had left Steve breathless and excited even though he knew he had an uncomfortable confrontation ahead. He just hoped he could still think straight.

“What do you want, Tony?” the real Tony had asked the moment Steve used his access codes to allow himself into the base. Thankfully the rest of the team had already head to their rooms by that point, leaving the two men alone to discuss the situation. Steve stared at the man in his body in surprise before realizing exactly what was going on. 

“I want us to fix this,” Steve growled in response, trying not to think about the way his gaze lingered on his own body’s muscles. It was hard not to appreciate it from the outside because damn, he really did look good with all those muscles.

Tony just smirked. “Are you sure?” he asked, voice smug as he began to massage his obscene bulge through his jeans. Steve couldn’t stop himself from staring. “I think you just want me, old man.” 

Steve wasn’t proud of how quickly he broke. He got so caught up in the lust that Tony’s body felt for his own that he lost himself completely. Tony had him in the bedroom in no time at all, ripping his clothes off and forcing him to worship the body that had once belonged to him. By the end of the night the new Tony was exhausted and his older body ached like never before. “I think I’ll keep you here,” the new Steve declared, “I could always use somebody around to remind me of just how great I am. The beloved Captain America. You’d do that for me, wouldn’t you?” 

Once again, the new Tony found himself agreeing despite the voice in his head telling him not to give in. The longer he was trapped in the other man’s body, the more he started to feel like he really was Tony Stark and he could feel the jealousy the man had felt towards him all these years. He’d never been able to live up to the shadow of Captain America in his father’s eyes so of course he’d take the opportunity to really be him. 

As for the new Steve, while beginning to remember more of the super soldier’s life, he remained as arrogant as he had in his old body and just as determined to take full advantage of the body he had always wished to have. The first thing on the agenda though was making sure his new costume was a little skimpier than what people would expect of Captain America… 

Leirreya was happy to see that her curse had ended up working precisely the way she’d wanted it to. Both Iron Man and Captain America would be far too busy getting to know each other on a more personal level that they wouldn’t have the time to even try and stop her. She still had a lot of work to do on the other heroes before she was ready to take over once and for all but she wasn’t so worried now she had two of the main players off the metaphorical board. 

It was surely only a matter of time before the others were shrunk, dumbed down or occupied and then nobody would stand in her way. The reign of Leirreya was coming and it would be starting very soon!

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