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Keep Listening

Ugh, he’s taken those headphones out again, hasn’t he? 

I swear, I’m gonna go mad trying to keep Thomas under control. He wants the body of Cody Jackson, sure, I can do that. He’s not going to get anywhere without Cody’s mind though and nobody’s going to be interested in a nerd in a hunk’s body. He needs to become Cody Jackson which means he needs to listen to those damn hypno files I put onto his music player!

Thomas was my partner in lab for a few months at the start of the school year and I wanted to help him out because it was clear as day to see that he was miserable living his own life, but I never knew how stubborn he could be. 

He’s told me time and time again that he doesn’t want to lose his mind and think like Cody Jackson but he needs to appreciate that I’m the authority here. He’s not the first guy I’ve helped out - hell, I’ve been doing this for over a hundred years now - and I know which methods work best. Thomas needs to believe he really is Cody if he’s going to have a good time in that body. Otherwise he’s just going to end up feeling guilty for stealing a cocky bully’s life, as ridiculous as the rest of us know that is. He’s just too damn soft.

Using just the smallest amount of telekinsesis, I casually force the headphones back into his ears. The change of expression is almost immediate - tension relaxing into a dumb smile as he begins his workout again. It’s a joy to watch and no doubt a joy to experience too. Only another hour or so and Thomas will forget his plain boring life and believe he really is Cody Jackson.

I’ve just gotta make sure he keeps listening and doesn’t get too damn stubborn on me…

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