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Training With Calvin: Jeremy

Updated: Jun 21, 2019

Jeremy Dooley

Ever since hiring a personal trainer Jeremy had been excelling in his time at the gym. He had made rather rapid progress in the past couple of weeks and everybody was noticing just how big he was getting - his coworkers, his friends and even his wife.

The progress became something of an addiction and he began spending longer and longer in the gym, pushing out extra reps and sets until he was totally spent and could manage no more. Calvin was a great trainer and seemed totally in sync with Jeremy, capable of stimulating him with conversation and encouraging him to work harder in equal measure. Sure, the sessions were costly but when he was getting such fast results it was totally worth it as far as Jeremy was considered.

“You’re not looking so little anymore, Jeremy,” Gavin remarked as Jeremy sauntered into the office late one day. He’d spent longer than expected with Calvin at the gym and hadn’t even had time to shower. As such his clothes were not only stretched out around his growing muscles but also showcasing several darker patches where the sweat had soaked through. No doubt the others would be able to smell the effects of his hardcore workout and while that may have mortified him in the past he actually felt rather turned on by the thought of stinking up the office with his scent.

In response to the other’s comment Jeremy lifted an arm and flexed his bicep, showing off the product of his hard work. He smirked as Gavin’s eyes flashed bright and a blush crawled across the other’s cheeks, knowing that the Brit was suitably aroused by the sight. He wasn’t sure why but Jeremy actively wanted the other to be turned on by him. Maybe that was why Calvin had asked about the people Jeremy worked with that morning. He’d felt so compelled to share so many little details about them, even things he’d promised he would keep a secret. Somehow he just knew he could trust Calvin with that kind of information.

Over the next few weeks Jeremy started to spend less and less time at both home and the Achievement Hunter office. He was in trouble with both his wife and his boss but he felt as if none of that mattered whenever he was pumping iron or even just in Calvin’s presence. He even joined the other to his tattoo appointment and decided to get some ink of his own, gradually adding more and more with the other man’s encouragement.

Eventually Jeremy opted to move out of the home he shared with his wife and into Calvin’s spare room instead. His trainer had him on an intense workout regime and a strict diet and it was just easier to remain in his presence for longer. Nobody else seemed to understand but that was fine because Calvin was all Jeremy needed for conversation these days. The other man just got him the way nobody else ever had. When Jeremy was having issues sleeping Calvin had even recommended a podcast that he could listen to him that would send him to sleep almost immediately - a type of ASMR, he had called it - and sure enough it did the trick, sending Jeremy into a deep slumber for eight hours a night.

After two months under Calvin’s tutelage, Jeremy was totally unrecognizable. The diet Calvin had him on did more than just help him build muscle mass - it had also somehow triggered a boost in his height, sending him from five-foot-four to six-foot-one. Even his face looked different with a longer nose, a square jawline and thinner eyebrows. He’d trimmed his beard into a goatee and made sure to shave his head on the regular to keep his new trademark look. His skin had taken on a tanned complexion that really completed the look and highlighted the strong curves and edges of his muscles.

When Calvin told Jeremy that he should take selfies so he could send them on to ‘potential buyers’ the former Achievement Hunter did so without question, providing Calvin with a number of images that featured him flexing or in his best poses. The former Boston jokester hardly spoke at all anymore, all too happy to let Calvin do all of the talking for him, which he did when they met up with the businessman that showed interest in hiring Jeremy as a bodyguard.

“Does he suck cock?” the man asked. Calvin merely laughed in response and Jeremy knew precisely why. He had spent every night of the past eight weeks down on his knees in front of the other, worshipping his long length and practising his oral skills. He was a proud cocksucker and damn good at it too. Thankfully the businessman wanted a demonstration and Jeremy was able to prove just how good at it he was, performing admirably and bringing the man to climax in mere minutes. Calvin watched on with pride in his eyes and Jeremy knew he’d done a good job.

As the deal was finalized and Jeremy was handed over to his new owner, he dropped to his knees and kissed Calvin’s feet. The man had done more for him than he could have possibly realized and he only hoped that Calvin would go on to help many others too. Now though, Jeremy had a new purpose and he was going to ensure that he performed his role to the best of his ability as both a dominant bodyguard and submissive bitch to a powerful business tycoon. He would speak only when spoken to and even then in a deep, slow voice with a slight Eastern European twinge to his accent, as if he was of Romanian descent rather than a Boston resident. He was even given a new name to suit him better, Jozef Dolinski.

Jozef Dolinski

Six months later the newly-christened Jozef was summoned into his master’s office where the man was watching a video of a group of men playing video games. He paused the video on a screen of a short man with a shaved head and scraggly beard and asked his bodyguard if he recognized the man at all. Jozef stared long and hard at the screen and while there was certainly something familiar about the other, he simply couldn’t place it. As such he grunted a simple no and then got down onto his knees when commanded. His master continued to play the video in the background all while his servant pleasured him and Jozef was forced to tune out the irritating sound of an American man yelling about only being five-foot-four. Truthfully, Jozed thought that didn’t make him much of a man at all.

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