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Intern to Manager

Written for @gaytostraight

How could I have let this happen to me? This was supposed to be a simple internship in my uncle’s business to try and get my overbearing father to ease up on me and look at me now - I’m practically unrecognizable! Seriously, none of my friends believed it was me when I tried to contact them and why would they anyway? I’ve changed so much over the past few weeks.

Let me explain. My name is Hiro Kanata and I’m eighteen years old, fresh out of college and recently single after being dumped by my high school boyfriend. I had no interest in college and no plans for my future which distressed my strict business-minded parents, particularly my father. He had planned big things for me and my being gay threw those plans into complete disarray. He didn’t even have to say it because I could see how disappointed he was on his face every time he looked at me. 

My uncle is a much kinder man than my father and even if he didn’t totally understand why or how I was gay, he never made me feel like a failure or disappointment for it. Instead he offered to give me an internship working in his company just so my parents wouldn’t have the opportunity to moan that I was throwing my whole life away. I was thankful for the internship, even if it was mostly getting coffee and taking calls for people at first.

Within days I was being trusted with more and more responsibilities, sending out forms and shadowing the department manager when he went into meetings. I found myself becoming so enthralled with the inner workings of the business that I failed to notice how I was changing. Every day seemed to age me another year and I grew taller and leaner, shedding the weight I’d put on from comfort eating after my boyfriend had dumped me.

It wasn’t just my body changing as I continued to take on more work at the company - it was my whole work ethic. I asked my uncle if I could borrow some of his suits because I felt under-dressed when I was in the office and I didn’t want people to think I didn’t respect them. I knew how important the work we were doing was and it was essential to prove that I was taking it just as seriously as everybody else, even if I had only gotten the internship because of family connections.

My attitude outside of work shifted too, my personality transitioning along with it, as I found myself frustrated by teenagers fresh out of high school like myself who were wasting their lives like I had been. I became more serious and stern but the biggest confusion was my newfound attraction to women. The men who I had once been attracted to I now only saw as brothers or simple friends as my gaze was permanently stolen by the attractive women who worked in my uncle’s company with their tight skirts and low-cut tops. 

Now I hardly recognize the memories of being a gay eighteen year old kid who thought he could get away with being lazy and throwing his future. No, I’m not sure that was ever really me. My name is Hiro Kanata, I am a manager at my cousin’s company and one of the most eligible bachelors on the market right now. My only two loves are business and women and now that I’ve finished up my work for the day maybe it’s time I fulfilled my promise to the gorgeous secretary I hired last week and took her home with me… 

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