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In There Somewhere

Updated: Dec 18, 2018

Look at my boyfriend. Isn’t he perfect? He’s got strong muscles, gorgeous tattoos, a deep sensual voice that always makes my cock start to harden and mostly importantly he’s a great fuck. Outside of the bedroom he treats me like an absolute prince, showering me with gifts and affection but between the sheets he treats me like I’m his whore and honestly I couldn’t possibly want anything more.

Of course, perfect guys like this don’t exactly come along every day. Sometimes less-than-perfect guys have to be sculpted to get rid of all the undesirable qualities they possess and I’m not ashamed to admit that it’s what I had to do for Brody here. He didn’t always treat me like I’m the most important thing in his life, in fact it was quite the opposite.

Six months ago my only relationship to Brody was being the target of his jokes and bullying behavior at my place of work. He made my job an absolute misery and he knew it. No, it was more than just knowing, he relished in it and that made me even angrier because he also knew he could get away with it simply because he had our useless manager eating out of the palm of his hand. She only liked him because of his body and how willing he was to flirt with her. He didn’t have any real interest in her other than using her position because why would he settle for a woman in her forties who had lost her perfect figure quite a few years ago?

Eventually I hit my very limit which how much of his bullshit I could stand. My first instinct was to leave the job and look for something new but I didn’t have many qualifications and it seemed like so much hassle when there were far easier - and more interesting - ways to get revenge on Brody for his treatment of me throughout our duration of being colleagues.

All I had to do was replace Brody’s phone with one loaded up with a number of mind-altering hypnotic tracks that I had saved under the names of the latest songs hitting the top of the charts. Brody was always the kind of guy who wore the latest fashions and went all-in on whatever new craze everybody was obsessed with so it was easy to trick him into thinking he’d be listening to brand new music when in fact he would be making himself vulnerable for the changes I had planned for him.

Within days I could see the effects that the tracks were having on him. No longer was he sucking up to our boss and going out of his way to being the golden boy in the office. His scathing comments towards me decreased in both severity and frequency until eventually stopping altogether. Our colleagues kept commenting on just how lost he suddenly looked, with one noting that the way he had started to stand with his shoulders slumped over made him look stupid. I had struggled to stifle my laugh at that one.

My favorite part of the transformation that Brody underwent was that the real him remained in there, trapped behind a mind that was changing against his will. He remained as cruel as ever but whenever he spoke he was a far kinder person to me and pretty soon his interactions with me turned from amicable to flirtatious and then even sexual. I could see in his eyes that there was a part of him that hated it but that homophobic straight guy persona was no longer in control, replaced by a proud gay man who was just as cocky as ever but more devoted to me than anything else in the world. Not even the gym was more important than making sure I was comfortable and pleasured at all times.

Three months after he started listening to those life-altering tracks, Brody was firmly the man I wanted him to be. I loved the arrogance he so naturally displayed but his loyalty to me was unwavering and that was the real highlight. There are nights like this where he shows up with a rose between his teeth and pizza (with all my favorite toppings, of course) in his hands like some blessing from a higher power. There’s no higher power responsible for his change of character though - it was all down to me and knowing that I was responsible for the perfect man that Brody was now made me feel great.

The tattoos you can see in that photo I uploaded to my Instagram are all recent and because I told him he’d look hot with a few more on him. I’m thinking of suggesting that he gets a few on his upper chest and even though you wouldn’t expect a stereotypically macho guy like Brody to always do as he was told, he was the perfect boyfriend and always listened to my requests. He even screwed over our boss to get her job just because I told him to and now all the extra money he earns in that new position goes straight to me. Our coworkers are suspicious of what’s going on between us but considering how possessive Brody is of me they don’t dare question it aloud. None of them wanted to get on his bad side - even if his mental and emotional transformation had proven that it was clearly mine that they needed to fear!

The real Brody might still be in there somewhere but trust me, he won’t be breaking out any time soon! I’ve got the boyfriend of my dreams and after everything Brody put me through I don’t think anybody could blame me for keeping him this way!

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