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Coach Knows Best

Five minutes in and you were confused. You’ve never really cared much about football but you wanted to know why your best friend had somehow turned into a jock seemingly overnight which is what had led you to checking his already activated computer and finding a series of weirdly named audio files that had only ever been listened to once, around the time Alex had ‘changed’. Booster Bumper #01 the first file was called and you clicked onto it curiously, putting Alex’s earphones in. You could only hope that he wouldn’t come back any time soon because you weren’t going to leave until you got your answers.

Ten minutes in and your mind was a little foggier. What were this files Alex had been listening to? It was just a man in a deep voice reading out football plays and yet you were convinced there was some hidden code in there, you just needed to find it. Was there some music playing quietly behind his voice? You did your best to listen but his voice only grew louder as if he was talking directly into your ears rather than through headphones.

Twenty minutes in and you’d relaxed back further onto the bed, nodding along as the man repeated the plays he’d talked through earlier. This makes sense, you realized before frowning ever so slightly in surprise. You hadn’t expected to pick up on it as quickly as you apparently had. 

Thirty minutes and you were talking along with the man, somehow managing to match every single word he said. You were describing things you’d never even heard of before and yet somehow knew they were advanced football plays that your college’s local football team had been practicing lately. Of course I know them. I was there when we practiced it…

The next track began playing at forty-five minutes and you picked up on the fact that the same deep-voiced man was now talking through a number of exercises that would build up strength in a number of areas throughout the body - upper and lower and then upper again.

By an hour in you were flexing each muscle the man mentioned and reminding yourself of the last time you’d tried out that particular exercise. Every single one of them had done you some good but what else did you expect? Coach always knew best and that was why everybody on the team followed his instructions without question.

Alex returned to your shared dorm two hours into you listening to the files and didn’t seem at all surprised to find you sat on his bed in only a pair of blue boxers that were tight around your muscular thighs and barely containing your hard manhood. You flashed him a dumb smile as the third track finished and pulled the earphones out.

“Yo wanna hit the gym with me, bro?” Alex asked already beginning to pack a gym bag that included a number of clothes that would fit tight around his muscular body. The thought of working out with your best bro and showing your muscles off to all the wannabes was definitely appealing but you knew there was something more important to do first.

“Can’t. I gotta go talk to coach, make sure that I’m on the team and not stuck on the bench anymore!” you declared, pushing yourself up and beginning to grab some track pants from Alex’s dresser. For some reason you’d come to college with a bunch of clothes that were far too small for you and totally not your style at all. You’d need to sort that out but talking to coach was your priority right now - as it always should be!

That was his voice on the tapes he’d given you and Alex to listen to after all.

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