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Charmed: Finding Cole

Updated: Dec 18, 2018

As remiss as he was to admit it, Leo was actually a little concerned about Cole. Despite the fact they were all but hilariously polar opposites - an angel and a demon respectively, in the simplest of terms - there was no denying that Cole was an ally to the Charmed Ones and Phoebe especially benefited from his presence. Without him she became withdrawn and cold which had made the last six weeks in the Halliwell Manor a rather uncomfortable experience.

The Elders were unwilling to help track the missing half-demon down but that was hardly surprising. They could be unhelpful at the best of times and he knew what they thought of his (and the Charmed Ones’) ally-ship with somebody who had once called the Underworld their home. Even though he knew they were a force for good in the world, Leo couldn’t help but feel like there were times that his boss’ consciences were clouded by their pre-existing prejudices and judgments of ‘lesser’ beings. 

Eventually Paige had discovered a spell they believed would help them track down Cole once and for all, only it was an old spell written by one of their ancestors and even their faithful Grams had no idea exactly how it worked. All they knew was that it needed a male volunteer and naturally Leo was the only one in the position to help them. Piper showed some concern for his wellbeing but the whitelighter quickly brushed it off, assuring her that if he found himself in any danger then he’d just orb himself out. Besides, his position as a whitelighter made him all but immortal so he wasn’t too worried.

Stood in the middle of a chalk-drawn trifecta with one of the sisters standing at each point, Leo closed his eyes and willed the magic to work. He had been instructed to focus on Cole and did as such, picturing his dark hair, wide jawline and just how often he seemed to get shirtless and sweaty. Hell, there had been a few occasions where Leo had been made to feel like less of a man in the other’s presence. He almost wished that he could be as muscular and as hairy as the half-demon was.

Feeling the magic travel through his body as the sisters chanted the spell, Leo kept Cole’s image in mind until he finally felt the surge inside of him and was suddenly away of rain dripping on him. No, it was too warm and fast to be rain. It was… a shower?

Opening his eyes, Leo was surprised to find that his guess had been right. Somehow the spell had transported him from the attic of the Halliwell Manor to a shower in a bathroom he didn’t recognize. Turning off the water flow, he stepped out and immediately found himself with reason to pause. It was a strange realization but he couldn’t help thinking that he was taller. In fact, that didn’t seem to be the only thing different about him. His skin was slightly more tan and his chest was covered with hair, not to mention he was far more on the muscular side than his normal average build.

“Oh, say it’s not what I think it is,” he muttered, hurrying in front of the mirror and having all of his concerns proven true in a moment. There were no two ways about it, that was Cole’s face staring back at him!

The sight of his friend’s (were they friends?) face in the mirror staring back at him with a look of surprise was enough to freeze Leo in his tracks. He’d encountered a lot of things in his time as a whitelighter but this was certainly one of the most bizarre. Possession wasn’t exactly uncommon - in fact it was something many demons partook in - and body swaps happened all too often in the magical community but Leo had never been exposed to either and suddenly finding himself inside another man was startling to say the least.

Still, he was a man on a mission and he knew why he was here. The sisters had cast the spell so they could locate Cole and make sure he was safe. Phoebe wanted them to bring him home and knowing just how in love with him she was, Leo would do anything to make sure he didn’t disappoint his sister-in-law.

A quick glance around the bathroom confirmed that it wasn’t the San Francisco penthouse suite that Cole usually resided in, although it was certainly still on the luxurious side. In fact Leo couldn’t help but wonder how Cole could afford to stay in a place like this. More importantly, why was he even here? What had caused him to leave the city and Phoebe without even a word?

Tearing himself away from the mirror, Leo wrapped a towel around his waist (doing his best not to look at Cole’s junk - although he could tell it was considerably bigger than his own) and stepped out into the main apartment area. He couldn’t shake the feeling that there was something wrong with the whole situation, he just wasn’t sure how to get the answers he was seeking for.

As he explored the apartment, Leo’s hands absently moved up his chest to massage his pecs and then back down to grope his - no, Cole’s - length through the fabric of his towel. He had no idea what he was doing, it just felt so natural to be touching himself and the tenting in the towel was beginning to become quite the distraction. He felt overwhelmingly horny in a manner that would have previously embarrassed him. Instead all he could think about was fucking.

No, not just fucking - fucking men.

What the hell? Cole’s not gay! He’s not even bi! The realization that his mind was beginning to fantasize about cute blond twinks with perky asses concerned Leo quite a lot. He had no doubt that some sort of spell had been placed on Cole to make him like this, although how and why he wasn’t quite sure. Even more worryingly, he had now fallen victim to the spell too by his involuntary possession of the other man’s body!

Hearing a knock on the door, Leo did his best to will his erection down but knew he’d achieve little luck. Besides, he couldn’t help but feel a little excited at the idea of somebody seeing just how big he was down there. What the hell am I thinking? This wasn’t like him at all!

As he pulled the door open, Leo’s breath hitched in his throat. Standing on the other side of the door was an incredibly handsome young man - early twenties at most with short blond hair and kissable lips to say the very least. “Mr Turner?” he asked in a careful voice, his eyes scanning down Leo’s - Cole’s - chest and settling on the tent of his towel for a moment.

“Uh, yes, that’s me,” Leo lied, surprising himself with Cole’s voice. He had no idea what he was doing but perhaps talking to this guy would give him some of the answers he was looking for.

“I’m Caden, the worker you hired for six o’clock tonight?” the blond said, entering the apartment when Leo stepped back to make space for him. Worker? Hired? He already had so many questions about who this younger man was and what he had to do with Cole’s disappearance but there were other things on Leo’s mind - namely how great Caden’s ass was when he walked past!

Closing the door, Leo found himself instinctively locking it before moving to grab Cole’s wallet. His body was moving on autopilot as he fished out several twenty-dollar bills and held them out for the other. 

“We agreed on one-hundred for the first night, right?” he asked, catching himself off guard. What the hell was he talking about? First night of what? It seemed to be enough to appease Caden though who smiled and pocketed the money.

Seconds later and the blond stripped out of his shirt, exposing a toned chest and perking Leo’s interest up even more. Is this really what I think it is? Had Cole hired a male sex worker to please him? That was so wildly out of character for Cole that it confirmed the whitelighter’s suspicions that the half-demon had fallen under some sort of spell, only now he knew it was too late to try and fight back. He was already falling under the spell’s grip and honestly he didn’t want to fight back considering he couldn’t remember the last time he’d felt this turned on!

“Am I to your liking, Mr Turner?” Caden asked, decorating his handsome face with a confident smirk that made Leo’s cock twitch. He had no idea why he was feeling so turned on in the presence of another male stripping but his mind was past the point of questioning it anymore. He just had to accept that this was what was going to happen and he actually wanted it.

Besides, it wasn’t as if he had any immediate way out of this situation. He’d be stuck in Cole’s body until the Charmed Ones found a way to pull him out of it and restore him to himself… not that he was actually excited by that prospect. Cole’s body was certainly nicer to look at and considering he now had a naked stud in his apartment, Leo didn’t think it would be all that long until he found out just how fun it was in the driver’s seat of the half-demon’s body!

He could only hope that the situation wasn’t “fixed” within the next couple of hours. His mind was already filling with ideas of what he wanted to do with his young ‘friend’ and he wasn’t going to be satisfied until he tried it all out and really settled in this unfamiliar body - his own marriage to Piper be damned!

Leo smirked and nodded as he let the towel drop to the floor, revealing his new manhood in all of its glory. Caden certainly seemed to like what he saw.

“Come on, stud, just call me Cole from now on.” 

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