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Training With Calvin: Burnie

Updated: Jun 21, 2019

Burnie Burns

It was no secret that Burnie was trying to get back into the gym and tone up his body but he wasn’t quite seeing the results that he wanted. Blaine had attempted to help but while he knew his way around the gym he wasn’t the best coach and eventually Burnie decided to splash some cash on getting a real personal trainer to help him adapt to a new workout programme.

Calvin came highly recommended from a number of men in the gym and after an initial conversation with the man Burnie was convinced that he was the perfect person to help get him into shape. His prices were pretty high but having seen some of Calvin’s success stories he could understand why. Calvin trained men who were almost tank-like with their physiques and his coaching had only pushed them even further. Their size was strangely admirable to Burnie, especially as he’d only signed up to the gym to work off some of the gut that had been growing in over the past few years and firm up some of the softer parts of his body to better please his soon-to-be-wife Ashley.

Within three sessions with his new trainer Burnie had come to realize that Calvin took things very seriously. He had written up full training and diet plans for the older man and stressed to him just how important it was to follow them. Although he had previously always been notoriously bad for snacking Burnie followed them to the tee, trading out chocolate and cookies in favor of the healthier dietary options that had been recommended. Much to his surprise he actually found them just as filling too and soon he was clearing out the junk food from his cupboards and replacing it with fresh fruit and veg, plus all of the high-protein food that Calvin had suggested on his diet plan. Ashley was surprised at the commitment Burnie was putting in and he was more than happy to tell her that it was all to make sure he looked as good as could be on their wedding day.

The changes to Burnie’s body came much quicker than he had been expecting. Within a month he had lost much of the gut that he had felt so insecure about and while his torso wasn’t completely flat, there wasn’t nearly as much build up around his waistline. His upper torso even began to look more like pecs and certainly felt firmer to the touch, which was something his arms and legs also had in common. Calvin had been incredibly supportive of Burnie’s progress, calling him a quick learner, and assured him that he would be more than trim enough to fit into a tuxedo for his wedding. Just for helping him get into shape and actually getting quick results, Burnie felt like Calvin was more than worthy of an invitation to the big day!

A few weeks later and the two men had grown considerably closer to the extent that Burnie felt comfortable referring to Calvin as a friend rather than simply his trainer. Calvin even made stop in visits at the Rooster Teeth office to chat with Burnie and meet some of the employees, usually with a delivery of healthy snacks that could be distributed. Everybody was charmed by him and Burnie had even heard several of his female employees talking about how hot the personal trainer was. Much to his surprise, he completely agreed with them. While he had never experienced any attraction towards men before there was no denying that Calvin got him a little more excited than expected. More than once he had finished a workout with a tent growing in his shorts and the other man had even made a joke about it and slapped him on the ass. To his shame Burnie had soon disappeared into a toilet cubicle in order to jerk off while the memory was still fresh in his mind.

At Calvin’s request Burnie had even stopped shaving his body hair, allowing a thick mane to cover the chest that was beginning to sport more and more muscle with each passing day. Soon his pecs were clearly outlined and while there was still a layer of softness over his abs, there was no mistaking from Burnie’s torso that he took his health and fitness seriously. He had a body that any man in his forties would rightfully be jealous of and it was only after two months of training - a feat that he previously would have considered impossible. There was no doubt in his mind that it was all because of Calvin’s training. The man just had a magic touch that no other trainer could claim to have.

When Ashley took a week away to perform some of her video game journalist duties in Japan, Burnie found himself spending more time with Calvin than ever before, even spending his nights in the spare room of the other man’s apartment. The week was more intense than any of the training that had come before - Burnie was hitting three workout sessions a day and feasting like a king on a number of hand-cooked meals courtesy of his trainer. By the time Saturday morning greeted him, Burnie could hardly recognize the man in the mirror. He looked younger and rejuvenated, all of the grey hairs gone from his beard and skin looking fresher than ever, but most importantly he looked hot. Too hot to be tied down with a woman, that was for sure. His time with Calvin had helped him understand and appreciate an attraction towards the male body that he had never known before and after tasting cock for the first time he found that he simply couldn’t get enough!

Thankfully, before his fiancée could return to the states and ruin Burnie’s newfound freedom, Calvin suggested that they took a road trip and drove Burnie out of Texas and all the way up into California. Once they had made it to downtown Los Angeles things seemed to go by in a blur. Burnie distinctly remembered going to a bar with Calvin and being introduced to Theo, a handsome young man who had been born into a great fortune. Burnie struggled to follow along with the conversation as Calvin and Theo seemingly worked out some sort of business deal and then shook hands. When Calvin handed Burnie a piece of paper and told him to sign it, the Rooster Teeth founder took a moment to try and read the document but found the words scrambled and illegible. Trusting his good friend though, Burnie signed his name on the dotted line and handed it back.

Brody Burns

While he was sad to see Calvin go, Burnie was quickly made to feel comfortable in Theo’s presence when the younger man invited him to massage his feet. Being in the service of a rich bachelor just felt right to Burnie - or as he was soon re-christened, Brody Burns.

Theo explained to him slowly but surely that the document Brody had signed put him into employment as Theo’s dumb and dedicated muscle-daddy lover. To prove it Theo asked the older man a couple of simple math questions and much to Brody’s embarrassment he found himself unable to answer any of them!

Thankfully a quick kiss on the lips from Theo calmed him down and helped the former business owner settle into his new existence as the property of a deserving young man with a very bright future ahead of him. He whispered assurances that as long as Brody stuck by his side and maintained his muscular and furry body, his own future could be just as promising too!

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