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Believe In The Ball

Updated: Dec 15, 2018

I was the biggest nerd in all of college and boy did everybody like reminding me. As if it was wasn’t bad enough that I was a Computer Science major and the top of my class, I was also the ‘dungeon master’ for two Dungeons & Dragons campaigns on campus, had shitty eyesight that required me to have thick glasses and had a horrible lisp that provoked laughter whenever I spoke up in class. I seriously struggled with my self-esteem and could only hope that as I grew into my full adult years that I would become both more confident and more traditionally handsome. Unfortunately both of those seemed like an impossibility given who I currently was.

Considering my social standing and general lack of friends who could be considered anything close to popular, I was rather surprised when Marissa, one of few the sorority girls in my class approached me afterwards. “Hey Jason, do you play football?” she asked, smiling at my sweetly. Despite her beautiful appearance and polite tone I was immediately on edge because I had no idea why a popular girl like her would ever bother talking to me, especially about something like football. Wasn’t it obvious just from a quick look at me that I didn’t play football?

“Uh no, not really,” I confessed, somehow managing to stammer through my answer. “I always wanted to but, um– no, I don’t.” I couldn’t help but keep my eyes trained on the ground, intimidated by the presence of the popular girl. She was precisely the kind of girl I could dream of being with but I knew it would only be a dream because no girl would ever want to settle for an ugly nerd like me.

Marissa frowned and shook her head, reaching out to grab at my biceps. Well, what should have been biceps and would have been had she grabbed pretty much any other guy on campus. My arms were practically twigs and I was no doubt weaker than her and any of the other girls on the cheerleading team. The fact that I was aware that Marissa was on the cheerleading team caught me by surprise but I didn’t think anything into it too much. I must have just heard about it in passing at some point.

“I think you’re a lot stronger than you give yourself credit for,” she said finally, smiling brightly at me and causing my heart to skip a beat. I seriously couldn’t understand why she was wasting her time with me, especially when there were any number of guys that would fight for her attention. Was she just pitying me or was this part of some prank? I didn’t want to believe that she would take part in that but it felt like the only actual possibility. “Have you ever tried out for the team?”

I shook my head, surprised at how insistent she seemed to continue the conversation with me especially as my responses were hardly all that inviting or interesting. “Uh, no. I didn’t think I’d ever have a shot,” I explained in a quiet voice as I scratched at the back of my head - a nervous tic I had developed back in high school.

“I think you’d surprise yourself,” she replied sweetly, flashing a dazzling smile at me. For a moment I was completely stunned, my mouth hanging open as words totally failed to produce. I was left rooted to the spot and unsure of what to do with myself as Marissa leaned in to plant a soft kiss on my cheek before wishing me farewell. My brain all but exploded as I watched her leave.

When I made it back to my dorm room, my heart was still racing and my brain played the scene over on a loop. Had I really just received a kiss - even one on the cheek - from the hottest girl on campus? I had no idea how Marissa even knew I existed. It wasn’t as if I had ever drawn attention to myself, in fact I made it a habit to stay out of sight and out of mind.

Frustrated by the blurring of my vision, I pulled off my glasses and dropped them on top of the computer science textbooks on my desk. The fact I was able to see better without my glasses was somewhat confusing but I was too caught up in my own head to question it for long. If anything I was thankful to get those horrid things off of my face for once.

Indeed, I was so distracted that it took me several minutes to notice the oddity that had appeared in the room - namely the gift-wrapped box that had appeared on my bed. Huh, I don’t remember ordering anything. Who had placed the box on the bed anyway? The room had been locked since I’d left for my first class that morning and nobody else had the key since I was lucky enough to have a room to myself.

Despite my apprehension, my curiosity was simply too much to control and I found myself hastily unwrapping the gift to get to its contents. I wasn’t sure what to expect but I was left utterly perplexed when I unearthed its contents and discovered a football waiting there for me. “Now this definitely isn’t for me,” I murmured, checking the ball from all sides as if expecting to find some hidden message to decode.

Sitting down on the bed, I began to throw the ball into the air and catch it, still wondering who could have left it for me. Was this all part of some joke to humiliate me? I couldn’t help but think back to my conversation with Marissa and make connections. Was the football from her? It seemed likely, but it still didn’t explain why she had suddenly started paying attention to me.

With my mind wrapped up in a maze of questions, I was left totally unaware of the changes that began throughout my body. The transformation started with my hands, as every time I caught the ball my grip became firmer and my hands bigger. The palms were soon rough in texture and decorated by callouses, like I’d spent a fair amount of time lifting down at the gym which hadn’t ever been my style at all.

The changes continued up through my forearms, packing them with hard muscle, and the upper arms followed suit soon after. The two moles on my left arm began to alter, soon becoming ink that formed a quote tattoo settling on my enhanced biceps right where Marissa had grabbed me earlier. I instinctively flexed, throwing the football higher into the air with more force as a result.

As my shoulders broadened out and trap muscles began to rise, my cock began to stir and cause a tenting issue in my pants. It was enough to get me to glance down and chuckle, noting that I’d have plenty to jerk off about considering my earlier interaction with the girl of my dreams. Moving one hand down to grope at the bulge, I continued to throw and catch the ball with the other, showing off far quicker reflexes than I could remember ever having.

The attention I was giving to my rapidly hardening cock accelerated the transformation of my lower half as my quads began to burst out with muscle and my shoes became so tight around my larger feet that they began busting at the seams. My legs no longer dangled off the floor either as my body grew in size, taking me far over the six-foot mark and forcing my size twelve feet against the carpet of my dorm room.

Momentarily consumed by the inexplicable arousal I felt, a moan escaped my lips and was nothing short of sexy in itself. The voice had been much deeper than my own nasally whine and oozed power and dominance in a way I’d only heard from the jocks that ruled the campus. They were the kind of guys that girls like Marissa paid attention to, not me.

Finally hitting the climax point and feeling the cum land on my pecs was enough to startle me out of the haze I had been in. I stared down at my muscular body in all of its glory and let out a dumb chuckle for thinking that I would see anything else. Why had I been expecting to see the scrawny body of a nerd when I’d grown out of that loser shit in the summer between high school and college? My pops had been so proud when I started taking an interest in football and hit the gym hard. Hell, I even befriended the guys that had pushed me around and slammed me into lockers.

Everybody was surprised by how much progress I made on my body in such a short space of time - everybody but me, of course. I had plans to be the big man on campus at college, with the hottest girl on my arm, and my plan was nearing completion. All I needed to do was show off for Marissa a little and she would be mine. Then my focus could be on making sure I proved to the coach that I’m not only worthy of being on the team, but leading it!

Staring down at the ball that Marissa had gifted me, I couldn’t help but smirk. Changing into some quality-brand workout gear, I collected my sunglasses from the desk, leaving the sports science textbooks behind. I was never really one for studying outside of class anyway. It was a beautiful day and a stud like me shouldn’t be wasting it inside, especially not when I had a reputation to build!

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