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Backwards Cap

My boyfriend’s always had confidence issues and a lot of that comes from the fact he spent most of high school being bullied simply because he wasn’t ‘cool’ enough to hang around with the other boys. He liked comics and computer coding, not sports and video games. Add on the fact he was quite obviously camp which scared the other boys with their fragile masculinity and he was all but an outcast. Even now in college he was still struggling with his confidence and it was holding him back from going for jobs or meeting new people.

His confidence was so low that he didn’t even want to do anything to celebrate his twenty-first birthday which was supposed to be a milestone for him. He was convinced that nobody would show up and I knew that wasn’t true. Maybe he’s not the most popular guy ever but he has enough friends for at least a small meal get together and yet he refuses to even do that because he’s terrified of the disappointment of nobody showing up.

Deciding that I wanted to get him something that would make him feel a little more confident, I bought a cap and took it to Jem’s Magic Shop, a small store downtown that most people didn’t even know about. A witch worked there, always appearing differently each time I visited - sometimes a teenage girl, others an elderly lady and sometimes even a gorgeous young man - and I knew that she could help.

Leaving the store with a fresh new enchantment on the cap, I bought a box to place it in and waited for my boyfriend’s birthday to roll up. Behind his back I started planning a meal because I knew when the time came he’d want to do something with his friends rather than stay hiding behind closed doors.

On the morning of his birthday a look of confusion crossed his face when he opened the gift box and saw the cap. He wasn’t exactly the type to wear a cap like that an I knew it which was why it probably seemed like a strange gift from a boyfriend of several years. “Oh! This is… nice,” he said weakly, forcing a smile onto his face. I could tell he was disappointed but that didn’t matter to me because there was more to the gift than just that.

“Put it on,” I urged, taking it out of the box and handing it to him. He stared at it for a moment before slowly putting it onto his head. There was an immediate reaction as his body relaxed, shoulders dropping from where they’d been held tensely. “Turn it around!” He followed the suggestion instantly, spinning it around so he was wearing it like every jock who’d ever bullied him did.

The physical transformation began within seconds as his body began to inflate with powerful muscle, his lean body pushing out into something far more solid. His biceps and triceps formed upper arms that were the size of footballs and his slender chest formed tight abs and two meaty pecs. His expanding thighs pushed his pants to the extremes and the stitching on the seam began to rip undone as the muscle continued expanding. Even his face changed somewhat, his jaw widening and eyebrows becoming thicker. He still retained his boyish good looks but when paired with the rest of his hunky body no longer did he look younger than his actual age.

A look of confusion settled over his face before he chuckled, his voice coming out deep and dumb. I was instantly aroused, feeling myself get hard as I stared at the man before me. It was hard to believe the young stud was my boyfriend but I sure as hell wasn’t complaining. I loved my boyfriend no matter what he looked like but I couldn’t deny that I found him more attractive like this. 

“Thanks babe,” he grunted, posing to show off how good he looked in his new cap. It was one of the hottest things I’d ever seen. “What else you get me, huh?” The cockiness was an added extra and thankfully he seemed to like the workout equipment and the large containers of whey that I had wrapped up for him. The comics on the other hand weren’t looked on quite so fondly. It looks like he’s got some more simplified tastes than before but that’s okay.

When I told him that I was throwing a party for him later he grabbed me by the waist and pulled me in for a passionate make-out session. He was so much bigger and stronger than me now and I loved it. Add on the fact that he’s a whole lot more confident now and I think it’s fair to say that my gift was a pretty spot on choice! He won’t be hiding away on his birthday anymore, we can be sure about that!

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