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“Can you tell me your name?”

“Max?” His voice was slow and unsure. I wasn’t surprised.

“That doesn’t seem right, does it?”

“No,” he confessed.

“You look like a Jock to me.”

He hummed in agreement, eyes still glazed over.

“What do you do, Jock?”

“I work on com–” He broke off, frowning as he struggled with his words. “I work on computers.”

“No, that’s not right. What do you do, Jock?”

There was a slight pause before a dumb smile began to cross over his face. “Flex,” he grunted.

“Where are we, Jock?”

“The gym.”

“What’s so special about the gym, Jock?”

“I flex here,” he responded, eagerly lifting his arms to flex his massive guns. “I get bigger.” 

It was hilarious to think that just a few minutes ago those mountainous biceps had been half the size. Then again he’d been twice as intelligent then too so this really was a trade up for both of us. I hadn’t even realized my magic was possible of changing another person this much but I guess the amulet I bought really does amplify my magic like the store owner said. And here I was thinking he had been trying to con me out of some money!

“Who do you belong to, Jock?”

Another pause. His arms dropped to his side and he frowned. “No-one?” he replied slowly, sounding more unsure of himself than ever.

“You don’t really believe that, do you, Jock?”

“No… sir.”

“Who do you belong to, Jock?”

“You sir!” he barked in response, frown dropping into a dumb smile. Such a brainless brawny beauty and he was all mine. I could already think of a number of things I was going to do with him now that he was under my control but why not take it slow first of all and really take a look at what I now own?

“Go on, Jock. Pick up those weights and show me what you can do. Prove what a big man you are!”

The moment Jock’s hands wrapped around those weights he lost the last remaining bits of himself. Gone was Max, the computer techie from my office who had deemed himself too good looking to go on a date with me. Now he’s a lumbering mindless jock who wants nothing more than to please me any way he possibly can. Don’t worry, it’s not all bad for him - I’m pretty sure he’s going to love every moment of it from now on!

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