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You Lost

“Aaaaaaaand victory, just like I predicted!” the fan exclaimed, jumping up from his seat in a jubilant manner. Beside him Burnie Burns, founding father of Rooster Teeth, was stunned. He had felt so confident going into the contest that he hadn’t even thought about the fan’s rather bizarre request for what would happen if Burnie lost - “We switch bodies. I become Burnie Burns, you become… well, Burnie’s biggest fan.”

Calling the kid insane had seemed a little harsh so instead Burnie just forced himself to smile and agree. It wasn’t as if there was actually any way the kid could switch bodies with him so what was the harm? Now though he didn’t seem so sure, especially considering the manic look in the fan’s eyes. He was clearly a little unstable and it would be wise for Burnie to flee but before he could even contemplate it, the fan’s hand clamped down over his wrist.

Moments away from losing his temper, Burnie was instead stunned by the warmth that spread throughout his body from head to toe. He opened his mouth to speak and felt himself unable to produce a sound. The grip on his wrist became tighter and he watched in wonder as the fan’s fingers became thicker digits and hair began to sprout across the back of his hand.The hair traveled up the fan’s forearms which began to swell rapidly.

As fascinated by the changes to the other male’s arm as he was, Burnie’s attention was quickly captured by the changes happening to himself. He was almost able to wriggle free of the other’s grasp as his wrists became skinnier but the grip only tightened, causing him to wince. The hair on his hands and arms retreated back into the follicles as a light tan began to spread from the tips of his fingers up towards his shoulders.

“H-how–” Burnie started, fighting desperately to speak through some sort of mental block that had been placed upon him. The fan only continued to smile at him, the expression looking more twisted with every passing second. The strength was sapped from Burnie’s body as the tight grip on his wrist made him wince. While he had never exactly been the weight-lifting type, Burnie had always been pretty strong and hadn’t been the diminutive person in any situation for a damn long time.

Staring at the fan’s face, Burnie shuddered as he watched stubble spread across his jaw and around his mouth. His shaggy blond hair darkened and restyled into a shorter and curlier style - one that Burnie was quick to recognize as the easygoing style he kept his own in. Similarly he was acutely aware of the the tickling on the lower half of his face, no doubt as his stubble retreated into nothingness, and on his skull as his hair grew longer and blonder.

Whimpers threatened to escape Burnie’s lips as he slowly accepted that this wasn’t some fever dream or a nightmare. Every part of it felt too damn real and it would have been terrifying if his body wasn’t humming with energy so much that he was beginning to get hard. Color flushed his cheeks as he realized that despite his pants being bigger around his skinnier waistline, he was still managing to tent them out. 

Fuck, I’m not getting turned on by this! It was easy to think, but much more difficult to stand by those words as the truth. There was just something about seeing his fan grow bigger and burlier that was arousing to watch, as much as Burnie wished it wasn’t. With every passing second his self-professed ‘biggest fan’ was looking more and more like him, taking his obsession to a whole new level like no fan - no matter how unstable they seemed - ever had before.

The transformation spread all across Burnie’s body, reaching down to his feet which shrunk until his shoes were all but hanging off of him. Strangely emasculated by the inability to fill out his size twelve shoes, the CEO could only watch as his ‘fan’ busted out of his own shoes with a low groan. The noise shot down Burnie’s spine and his hips bucked involuntarily, completely overwhelmed by unexpected arousal.

Across from him the fan’s changes continued as larger and firmer muscles bust out of his Rooster Teeth merchandise shirt. A healthy dosage of hair covered the other’s chest as his torso settled into the ‘muscled dadbod’ that Burnie had spent time in the gym perfecting over the past few years. He’d had to run around in some gold shorts for The Amazing Race and he wasn’t going to get his kit off on national television without putting some work into his body. As of that moment though, all that work was paying off for his biggest fan rather than himself.

Burnie’s whole body shuddered as the transformation reached completion and he was struck by such an intense surge of pleasure that he hit climax and blew his load all over his boxers with a load and effeminate moan. Across from him, the brand new Burnie Burns reached orgasm at the same time, only having mostly burst out of his under-sized clothes, everything was on display.

Confused, horny and now covered in what was - or should be - his own cum, Burnie could simply stare at the man who had replaced him. “This isn’t… I… How did I lose?” He simply couldn’t believe what had happened. He’d been so certain that he’d win that he hadn’t even considered the consequences until they were sprung upon him. Nobody would ever believe who he really was, they would just dismiss his as an overzealous fan with a serious obsession. “Can we have a rematch?” That was surely his only hope to win his body back!

“Sorry kiddo, I’ve got a meeting to get to,” the new Burnie declared, clapping him on the back with enough force to almost send his ‘biggest fan’ bowling off his feet. “Maybe you’ll get lucky next time. Thanks for the support though - it’s always nice to meet a fan!”

And with that, Burnie Burns happily joined the rest of his Rooster Teeth colleagues at the bar. They were going to be flying out to the UK soon and he was certainly looking forward to meeting his British fans. Maybe there’d be another ‘biggest fan’ waiting around the corner to try and win his body in a video game tournament - not that he’d ever be foolish enough to agree to such terms!

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