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WWEEK: Sami Zayn

You know, people like to glamorize working in the entertainment industry but it’s really not all roses. I’ve been a cameraman for the WWE for three years now and it’s easily the most grueling job I’ve ever had. I constantly have the director shrieking in my ear and I’m around so many egos from the stars that sometimes I feel smothered. The only thing keeping me going is that I genuinely enjoy pro wrestling and I know that this is the closest I’m ever going to get to it. After all if I couldn’t even make the wrestling team back in high school then what chance did I have out here in the big bad professional world?

Usually if a wrestler has a legitimate injury then they’re pulled out of the game or the producers come up with a plot for why he shouldn’t be fighting. Apparently they weren’t happy with either of those options because despite the fact Sami Zayn had injured his shoulder they needed him to fight for the plot they’d been working weeks towards. Thankfully they had made contact with the legendary Mr Cavanaugh who was himself a wrestling fan and he offered to help them out.

When I was called into the office of somebody far my superior I immediately thought that I was getting fired. It wasn’t like anybody of any real importance ever paid attention to me so it felt like the only logical answer which I was of course not all that happy with. Imagine my surprise then when what they offered me turned out to be a promotion of sorts! Mr Cavanaugh had offered them a way to have Sami Zayn out fighting in the ring that night but in order to do so his body would need to be transferred to another person, meaning all of his muscles, his face and all of his strength. I wasn’t sure what they were telling me at first because it seemed crazy but when it became clear what they had planned, I quickly agreed. They wanted me to be him!

To say the wrestler seemed unhappy with how the situation was turning out was an understatement but the same suited businessman who had spoken to me reminded him that he was under contract with WWE and had to do precisely as he was told. Even though he stopped audibly complaining he glared fiercely at me as if this was really my fault. I hardly even noticed though because I was so busy checking out his body and trying to hide my excitement that it would soon be mine. I had long since thought that Sami Zayn was not only one of the most handsome men in pro wrestling but one of the most gorgeous men in the world. None of my coworkers knew I was gay because I wasn’t sure they’d be so accepting but I was already having a number of dirty thoughts about what I’d do with Sami’s body if I got a chance.

The method Mr Cavanaugh had given the producers of switching our bodies was a strange leather device made up of four straps I quickly guessed were to go around our wrists and a leather cable running from two of the wrist straps to the other. It almost looked like a weird pair of ancient handcuffs and knowing the rumors surrounding Mr Cavanaugh I wouldn’t have been surprised if that’s exactly what they were, especially looking at the strange gold braiding around the wrist cuffs.

I was an extreme mix of both excitement and nerves when the cuffs were strapped onto me and I watched the same be done to Sami. A few seconds later and the gold braiding began to glow with magic and I felt strength suddenly surging throughout my body in a way I’d never experienced before. Every part of me was growing, some the legs that packed on pounds of muscular and power to the chest that began forming solid pecs and abs. I even watched hair begin to sprout across my newly powerful chest, adding to my masculine appeal. Feeling a tickling around my jaw I quickly guessed that it meant his beard was growing on me while my facial features shifted surprisingly comfortably to resemble his instead.

If experiencing my own transformation into Sami Zayn wasn’t arousing enough then watching his body lose its muscle and deflate until he was almost a whole head shorter and definitely lacking all of the muscle he had been so proud of before. Within a minute he’d gone from a handsome pro wrestling star to a relatively recent college dropout who was content watching from the sidelines.

The moment the transformations completed and I found myself tenting my shorts in excitement, the producers moved forward to release us from the straps. Before they could reach us though something rather unexpected happened - the leather cable running between our cuffs vanished out of existence, leaving us with only the leather straps on and total movement of our temporarily switched bodies. 

Well, maybe not so temporarily anymore… After all, without the full contraption the producers had no way of switching us back, something that the former Sami Zayn quickly realized and began freaking out about. When his squealing became too obnoxious to deal with I knocked him out and let security drag him off somewhere to cool down. The producers were quick to adjust to the new situation, beginning to theorize ways they could transfer Sami’s memories to me so that he would never know who he really was.

In the meantime though I’ve got a match to compete in. It might be my first experience ever in the ring but I’m not worried. I’ve got the crowds on my side and once I kick my opponent’s ass I’m going to be having a lot of fun with a few of the more willing male fans out there…

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