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WWEEK: John Cena

Ever since he established himself as the king of WWE’s RAW series, John Cena’s body has been in hot demand. It’s easy to see why - he’s buff, beautiful and is rocking a really big package. Men (and even some women) from all across the world were bidding for the privilege of spending a week in the body of a genuine wrestling superstar. You had to be rich of course because bodies like these never get rented out for cheap unless you’re lucky enough to win the annual competition.

This year you’re the lucky one. You can hardly believe it, knowing that in just a few short hours your consciousness will be transferred from your own body into John Cena’s for the remainder of the week. It’s something you’ve dreamed about for years as you’ve watched his every move in the ring. You imagined those huge muscles of his pinning you down as he fucked you but now you’re getting something even better. You’re going to be the one fucking twinks in his place and using his studly body for every dirty desire that you’ve kept locked up in the back of your mind.

As the transformation begins your body begins to shake and you feel yourself hitting orgasm in record time without ever touching yourself. You ride the orgasm out, acutely aware of the sensation that you’re being pulled forward straight out of your body. You feel weightless for several seconds as the world rushes past you and suddenly you collide with something very solid. Instead of feeling pain all you can feel is pleasure and you realize quickly that you’re cumming again, only this time you’re in a very different body.

Looking down you’re greeted by the sight of a broad chest and powerful legs that could probably crush anybody who dared get between them. Just seeing the body you were going to inhabit for the next seven days had you hitting a second orgasm and the monster cock that you now possessed shot its load up onto your chest and even as far as your lips. Without even hesitating you stuck out your tongue to taste the cum on your lips and savor in the beautiful taste.

This was already everything you’d ever wanted and more. I can’t see you leaving that bed any time soon but something tells me you’ll have a similar issue when you finally make it in front of a mirror and flex those guns. Be careful not to waste your week though because it can go by quickly if you’re not careful. For now though, enjoy the rare opportunity to live life as none other than John Cena!

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