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Wrapped Around Alex

I could hardly believe my luck when I discovered that I worked out at the same gym as Alex Crockford, a British fitness model I had been admiring through social media for the last couple of years. I’d just moved to a new area and signed up to the local gym so I could start getting my body into a better shape when I saw him across from me knocking out sets of pull-ups as if they were nothing. I could barely do three without getting all red in the face and falling down onto my ass and there he was showing just what a pro he was!

Unfortunately the revelation of Alex’s presence in my immediate surroundings meant that my workouts became a lot more difficult simply because I was constantly distracted. Every time I was lucky enough to be in the gym at the same time as him I was all but transfixed on the movement of his muscles as he worked them, watching them flex and bulge as he powered through them. My ears were blessed by the sounds of his grunts and gasps as he exerted himself and whenever I got close enough I was even able to enjoy the scent of his sweat.

Eventually I had hit my breaking point. I needed to do something in order to enjoy his body even more. This whole “look but don't touch” simply didn’t work for me. I needed more so that was why I willingly transformed myself into a pair of base layer shorts while hanging around near his workout bag while he was off talking to some of the others personal trainers. Within a moment my body had transformed flesh into lycra fabric and I dropped into the open bag right on top of the rest of his gym gear.

Much to my delight Alex didn’t even think twice about the sudden presence of a new item amongst his clothes and pulled me right on over his briefs. I was stretched out around his thighs and by both his bubble butt and the bulge of his crotch. Needless to say I was in absolutely heaven as I realized that I could taste the pre-cum that had soaked through his briefs to me. My enjoyment seemed to have an effect on Alex too as he started to get hard, tenting me out and stretching me even further. It was a pleasurable sensation the likes of which I had never experienced before but I simply couldn’t get enough.

For once in my life luck had decided to bless me as it became clear that Alex was going to be working legs, meaning I would be stretched out through squats, lunges and all other different types of exercises. Every single movement caused a ripple of pleasure through me and as he began working up a sweat, I soaked it all into my fabric body and savoured the taste. By the time he finished his workout a whole ninety minutes later my head was spinning in delight. I was totally overwhelmed and knew that I was going to be reliving the experience in my mind over and over again.

Once Alex had dropped me to the ground to go shower, I willed myself to return back to my human body and found myself stuck. There was no return no matter how hard I tried to focus and I began to panic as I thought about the fact that I was very possibly trapped as an item of clothing. Sure, being wrapped around one of my biggest crushes body in a repeated body wasn’t exactly a bad fate to have but it was supposed to only be a one-time thing! Had I really given up my human existence for good?

Another question posed itself, this time even more unsettling - would I miss it at all when being Alex’s base layer felt so good?

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