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Worn By Himself

Cocky young Teen Wolf stud Cody Christian was more than on board when his agent Bryce came to him with the idea of running a competition to allow a bunch of his fans to attend a party with him. The twist that made the actor agree was that before the party he would be turning the winners into his clothes for the event rather than bringing them along as guests. He’d worn a few people as clothes before and it had been pretty fucking hot, especially when he’d blown his load into the boxers that had been an unruly production assistant, so of course he agreed. The thought of wearing a whole outfit made of faggots who were so desperate to feel his hot muscular body was a godsend and he knew it would feel incredible all night long.

What Cody didn’t know was that his agent was actually plotting against him and had ulterior motives with the contest. Bryce was sick of being treated like crap by the arrogant young actor and was looking for a bit of long-overdue revenge. He had supported Cody from his first few roles as an actor and over time as the boy had become a man he’d become an absolute terror to work with. The only person he cared about was himself and he loved nothing more than to flaunt his muscular body and torment other men that couldn’t compete with his size, Bryce included. Hell, since the first few grey hairs had appeared on Bryce’s head the actor had taken to calling him “old man” and it was infuriating. Eventually he’d had enough and decided that he had to take matters into his own hands and finally do something about it.

Nine fans won in total and were transported to Cody’s swanky LA home. They were greeted by Bryce and then individually taken into the next room to meet Cody, only for the agent to inject a newly-discovered advanced serum into their necks which would turn them into an item of clothing for him. A twinky college freshman with bleached blond hair became a pair of tight yellow boxers for him and a couple of bears with thick beers and heavy guts became his socks which he pulled on with eagerness, enjoying the sound of the confused men moaning in pleasure at the sensation of being filled by his big size eleven feet. They’d probably love it even more when his feet got sweaty and stinky over time.

A make-up assistant Cody recognized from the Teen Wolf set became his jeans and a stalker fan he’d come across at a number of conventions joined him as the black t-shirt that was tight enough to show off his pecs and abs perfectly. Dylan O’Brien’s stunt double became his leather jacket and a frat guy who’d only entered the competition because his girlfriend loved the show became his baseball cap. Finally a pair of twins fresh out of high school joined as his boots and Cody was surrounded on all sides by the pleasured moans of his new clothes. He could already feel himself getting hard, stretching out those tight yellow boxers with his big bulge.

“I feel like I need an accessory or something,” Cody mused, staring at his reflection in the mirror. “A sick-ass chain or something.” The irony was certainly not lost on Bryce as he injected the final vial of serum straight into Cody’s neck, catching the young actor completely by surprise.

“I agree,” Bryce mumbled, pulling two pills out of his jacket pocket and swallowing them dry. Numbness spread throughout Cody’s body as he stared helplessly at his agent beginning some sort of transformation. The old man’s hair was growing thick again as it changed color from black to a dark blond and restyled to something far more fashionable than what Bryce had been sporting before. He even began growing out some stubble, something Cody hadn’t even known his agent was capable of.

Watching in horror as Bryce’s face began to change and take on a familiar visage, Cody realized a little too late that he was undergoing his own transformation. The fans he had just transformed into clothes dropped away from him as he felt himself shrinking inside of them, losing all ability to move or even talk. He wanted to scream and beg for Bryce to help him but he no longer had a mouth nor any arms or legs. As he fell to the floor all he could feel was heaviness and a desperate urge to be worn by someone - anyone.

It wasn’t Bryce that pulled all of his clothes off to expose a smooth muscular body, nor was it Bryce that reached down to grab him off of the floor. As he was raised to the other’s face, Cody begrudgingly accepted that the other had now assumed his identity. The rest of the world would forever think that Bryce was really Cody Christian, upcoming young actor with a hot body and big attitude. The new Cody pulled the former actor up and over his head before turning to the mirror and showing off what he had become: the very same ‘sick-ass chain’ he had requested!

“Guess there were ten winners after all,” the new actor remarked as he began to pull all of the clothes on and stretch his muscles inside them, no doubt enjoying the sensations of them all moaning in pleasure at being worn by such a stud. The jewelry that used to be known as Cody Christian couldn’t help but moan right with them. It was a real honor to be worn by anyone, especially somebody with the body of an adonis. He was now the proud possession of Cody Christian and he could only hope the young actor wore him regularly because nothing else would ever feel as good as this!

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