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Walk The Red Carpet

Tony had won a competition to ‘Walk the Red Carpet with Jeremy Renner!’ and at only eighteen years old he was pretty confident in saying that it was the most exciting thing that had ever happened to him in his otherwise dull life. For years he had desperately craved for a taste of the Hollywood lifestyle but he didn’t have a car to travel to auditions out of his hometown and his folks were rather unsupportive of his acting dreams. 

You’re going to work in the body shop!” his father said repeatedly, somehow missing the fact that Tony didn’t care for cars at all. It would be a waste of his future and he didn’t want to live a miserable life simply to appease his parents. Wasn’t he worth more than that?

Tony had entered the contest on a whim. He’d been a big fan of Jeremy Renner ever since he’d first seen the man starring in The Hurt Locker and his admiration (and attraction) to the man had only grown since he’d played the role of Hawkeye in The Avengers and the following Marvel movies. Renner was precisely the type of thespian that Tony was desperate to learn from and the prospect of being able to hang out with him for a few hours was too appealing to pass up. The transport to Los Angeles and back was even all included so he wouldn’t have to bother his parents with that either.

Winning the competition came as a complete surprise. Of course Tony had hoped that he would be the lucky one but his hopes rarely came to fruition. For the first few days he was convinced he was dreaming until he received a phone call from Jeremy’s manager explaining all the details to him. This is really happening, he told himself, giddy with excitement. He was going to be meeting his favorite actor and no amount of complaining from his parents would be able to sidetrack him from chasing an acting career again. Perhaps Jeremy would even be able to introduce him to some contacts in Hollywood!

Upon arriving in Los Angeles, Tony was rather taken aback. The city was absolutely nothing like his hometown with its shining skyscrapers and beautiful people walking down the sidewalk on every street. Immediately he fell in love with the place and wished he could remain there forever. His time in downtown LA was limited though before he was whisked into the back of a top of the range sports car and driven to the Renner house.

Perhaps ‘house’ was an understatement for what Tony was greeted by. Jeremy lived rather luxuriously in a grand house at the top of a hill in the suburbs with an infinity pool looking over a glorious view. It was the type of house that could only really belong to somebody of Jeremy’s caliber - a real A-Lister with enough talent to back up their generous spending. Tony couldn’t work out if he was simply in awe or a little jealous too.

There was no immediate introduction to the man in question which left Tony momentarily disappointed. He knew at some point he’d come face to face with his idol but he was slightly disheartened as he was hurried into one of the spare bedrooms to change into the tuxedo they had provided for him. A simple glance around at the room had Tony’s jaw dropping. It was the size of all three bedrooms in his own house combined - and this was just a spare room? He could hardly even imagine what Jeremy’s bedroom looked like but he was certainly excited by the thought.

The tuxedo was perhaps the most beautiful thing Tony had ever seen. It looked like it was worth a million bucks and was certainly the most expensive skin that would ever touch his skin. His family weren’t overly well off and a lot of Tony’s clothes were hand-me-downs from his older brothers which was rather demeaning and punishing on his self-esteem. He was still struggling to get his head around being spoiled to luxuries like he had so far on his trip.

Stripping out of his clothes, Tony rushed through a shower in the largest bathroom he’d ever set foot in and once he had dried himself off, prepared himself to put the tuxedo on. A quick glance in the mirror revealed a somewhat malnourished boy of eighteen years old, his boxers not really packing much heat and his face ‘decorated’ in a number of unsightly pimples. He silently prayed there was some sort of make-up team around to work some magic on him because otherwise he’d likely be too embarrassed to ever look at photos of himself from the event, no matter how nice his outfit was.

Not only did the tuxedo look like a million bucks but it also felt like it too. The pants were pulled on first and felt so soft against his skin that a moan of delight escaped Tony’s lips. His cheeks immediately flushed in embarrassment and he thanked the heavens that nobody was around to have heard it. Where the hell did that come from? As if that wasn’t bad enough, the moment he pulled the zipper up over his crotch, his cock suddenly sprang to life with a mind of its own and began to tent the pants.

“Fucking hell,” he muttered, cheeks growing redder by the moment. Despite his best efforts he apparently hadn’t escaped the awkward teenage habit of getting hard at random moments and being unable to resist the urge to jerk off. Biting down on his lower lip, Tony shook his head and reminded himself where he was. He was a guest in Jeremy Renner’s house and it would be inappropriate for him to get himself off, especially wearing borrowed clothes!

Doing his best to will away his erection, Tony grabbed the plain white shirt and pulled it over his body. Just like the pants, it was ever so slightly large on him but he figured he couldn’t complain about that considering he wasn’t having to pay for a single thing on his trip. The tuxedo was clearly made to fit a fully grown man - perhaps Jeremy himself? They didn’t really give me one of his suits, did they? The thought only turned Tony on more, prompting his cheeks to burn with shame. He had no idea what was wrong with him all of a sudden!

Pulling on the jacket, Tony was once again caught off guard by the deep moan that escaped his lips and the throbbing of his cock in his boxers. His body felt like it was being sensually caressed by the tuxedo and he had to close his eyes for a moment to try and steady himself. Perhaps he was crazy to believe it but wearing the suit didn’t feel normal, it felt like an extraordinary experience and not just because it was clearly more expensive than anything else he had worn in his entire life. No, more than extraordinary - it felt magical.

“Shit,” he groaned, reaching down to grope himself through the soft fabric of the pants. He was unbelievably turned on and seriously fighting the urge to jerk off right then and there, still wearing clothes that very possibly belonged to Jeremy Renner himself. The thought of the A-List actor previously wearing the tuxedo only turned him on even more, provoking another moan to escape him.

Tony was so caught up in his desperate fight against the sexual urges his body was presenting him with that he hardly noticed how deep and gruff his voice sounded, as opposed to his own high-pitched vocals that he had grown to resent through his teenage years. They had been the subject of many teasing discussions with his older brothers and bullies at school which really hadn’t helped Tony’s self-esteem at all.

Forcing himself to act appropriately, Tony glanced at the bed and noticed a bowtie and ring waiting for him. He could understand the bowtie - it would complete the outfit after all - but the ring came as a surprise. It would be rude not to wear it, he decided, willing to accept anything that Renner and his management were prepared to offer him. 

Stepping in front of the mirror in order to properly fix the bowtie into the place, Tony was caught off guard by how he looked, not just in the tuxedo but in his face. His pimples had vanished altogether and his hair looked darker than he remembered it being. In fact he looked a few years older too, as if he was in his mid-twenties as opposed to only recently turning eighteen. 

Must be a trick of the light, he attempted to convince himself, even though he knew it seemed highly implausible. Good lighting didn’t make somebody look six years older and clear up their skin, no matter how good quality said lighting was.

Once he was satisfied with the positioning of the bowtie, Tony grabbed the ring and slipped it onto his finger to complete his look and as he did, a wave of pleasure rushed through him. “Oh, fuck!” he grunted, moments before blowing his load inside of his boxers and soaking through to the pants he had been loaned. “Fuck, fuck, fuck!” He was going to be in so much trouble!

Thinking straight felt like a virtual impossibility though as he fell backwards onto the bed and writhed from the pleasure still coursing throughout his body. The clothes began to feel tighter against his body, stretched out by muscles Tony was struggling to remember ever having. The sleeves were tight around his biceps and even the bowtie and collar of the shirt suddenly seemed tighter around his neck.

“What the fuck,” he gasped, noticing for the first time how different he sounded. In fact the voice he was speaking in sounded strangely familiar, almost like… Before he could reach a conclusion, Tony was caught off guard by reaching climax once more, bringing forth a second wave of pleasured moans. The tuxedo felt glorious against his skin, massaging every muscle until he was convinced that it was no ordinary tuxedo.

“Is everything alright in there, sir?” a voice from the other side of the bedroom door asked. Tony vaguely recognized it as being the voice of the cute twenty-something assistant who had been wearing a rather tight dress that showed off all of her best physical features when she had greeted him upon his arrival at the house barely an hour ago.

Tony opened his mouth to respond but all that he managed to produce was another moan. He was hardly aware of the fact he was still massaging his cock through the fabric of his pants, strangely turned on by the wet patch on his crotch. Any thoughts of how inappropriate this was had fled his mind, replaced by uncontrollable lust. For what exactly he wasn’t sure, he just knew that he wanted to get off while still wearing the tuxedo.

“Mr Renner?” the assistant asked, catching Tony off guard. Didn’t she know whose door she was knocking at? Surely she did… she worked for Jeremy, after all, so what the hell was she doing asking for him at the door of the guest room?

“One minute,” he groaned in response. Very reluctantly pulling his hands off of himself, Tony walked to the door and opened it a fraction, making sure to cover up his crotch. “What’s up?”

“We need to get going soon. The premiere’s in an hour,” she explained, flashing him a brilliant smile. There I go again, Tony noted, feeling his cock starting to harden once more. He was hardly even surprised - everything seemed to be turning him on at the minute.

“I’ll be right with you,” he replied, doing his best to remind casual as he closed the door and escaped into the en-suite bathroom.

He supposed he should have felt stunned when he saw Jeremy Renner’s face staring back at him in the reflection of the bathroom mirror but a small part of him had already worked it out. In fact the longer he peered into the mirror, the more natural it felt to see the Hollywood actor smiling back at him.

Quickly cleaning himself up, the new Jeremy Renner left his room and accompanied Stephanie - how he suddenly remembered her name he wasn’t sure - to the sleek black car that was waiting for him outside. “How does the suit feel?” Stephanie asked, smiling flirtatiously as she held the car door open.

“It’s a perfect fit,” he replied, finally understanding. He had won the competition to ‘Walk the red carpet with Jeremy Renner’ after all - it had never specified that they’d be side by side. The fact that he was wearing the man in question hardly even seemed like an issue. He was going to have just as good a time.

Not that he noticed, but if Tony had looked at the competition application more closely he would have spotted one rather revealing detail in the small print - ‘Competition sponsored by Mr Cavanaugh’. Renner and Mr Cavanaugh had a rather close friendship and it was well known between the two that the actor much preferred to spend his time when he wasn’t busy filming a movie either being worn or possessed by somebody. He had been all too happy to volunteer his body for Mr Cavanaugh’s competition and hoped that some of his colleagues would follow suit and run similar contests in the future.

For now though, he was more than happy to be Tony’s tuxedo an hoped the boy enjoyed the next sixty days in the life of Jeremy Renner before he was expected back on set!

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