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Waking Up In Costume

Updated: Dec 15, 2018

Brad wasn’t expecting much when he picked out the Superman costume from the seasonal store that had opened up in the middle of his town. ‘Costumes 4 Less’ was hardly the most exciting place to prepare for the Halloween season, especially considering how poorly made their stock seemed to be, but Brad had received a last minute invitation to the biggest party of the season and he knew he couldn’t miss it. 

It wasn’t like Casey, football captain and future Prom King, to talk to Brad of all people but somebody of Brad’s low social standing was hardly about to turn down such an exciting opportunity. The only catch was that he had to have a costume - Casey had been very particular about that. With only a few hours before the party was due to start, Brad didn’t exactly have a whole range to choose from. Superman was about as good as he could do, and being the comic book fan that he was, it was hardly a costume that Brad wouldn’t have chosen had he been given more time to prepare.

Even as he pulled the bright blue-and-red costume on, it was painfully aware to Brad that it was simply too big for him. The baggy pants gathered around his ankles while the sleeves fell far past his arms. The image in the mirror was utterly pathetic and Brad knew that he wasn’t brave enough to show his face at a party full of all the most popular kids in his high school wearing a costume that looked like it had been made to fit his dad rather than a teenage boy like himself.

Frustrated and upset, the high school nerd flopped back onto his bed and closed his eyes to try and prevent any tears from springing forth. All he’d wanted was to enjoy a Halloween party like an ordinary teenage boy, but once again fate had different plans in store for him. That had been just his luck for his whole damn high school career and apparently things wouldn’t be changing any time soon.

Luckily for Brad, he was wrong on that account. Things would be changing, namely him. He rose from his bed several hours later without ever realizing that he’d fallen asleep but surprised by how refreshed he felt. Lifting himself up with surprising strength, Brad opted to take a second look in the mirror. The sun was setting through his windows so he knew he still had time before Casey’s party began and maybe the costume wasn’t too bad–

The costume Brad now wore was definitely not the one he had purchased at ‘Costume 4 Less’. The cheap bright blue fabric had been replaced by something darker and stronger - a material that was spread across broad muscles that weren’t faked by any muscle suit. The familiar S-shield of Superman was spread across gloriously built pectorals and a gasp escaped Brad’s lips as he realized they were his.

It wasn’t just the costume or Brad’s muscularity that had changed though, the face was immediately familiar but not because it was his own. The handsome visage that greeted Brad in his reflection was that of Henry Cavill, the face of Superman in DC’s cinematic universe. It took some suspension of disbelief but Brad was no longer wearing a cheap Superman costume - he was wearing the real damn thing and had the body to pull it off too!

Standing at an enviable six-foot-one, Brad knew that he would no doubt tower over the majority of the students he had been forced to look up to in a literal sense. Not even the jocks on the football team would be able to rival him in a bicep-flexing competition, something that was proving to be an immediate distraction as he continued to admire his heroic reflection. There was no question about the fact he’d be turning heads at the party, only this time it would be for much better reasons than those he was used to. His tormentors wouldn’t dare cross his path when they thought he was a Hollywood hunk!

Upon thinking about it though, suddenly Casey’s party didn’t seem like the best way for Brad to spend his evening. After all, would Henry Cavill really spend Halloween partying with some high schoolers, even popular ones? Hell no! 

Thankfully all it took was a brief look back at his receipt from ‘Costumes 4 Less’ to confirm that they were running a “Real Hollywood Party!” just a few blocks away from Casey’s place, even promising appearances from the likes of Stephen Amell and Chris Hemsworth. Now that sounded like a much more likely place for Henry Cavill to be spending Halloween. 

The best part was that he wouldn’t even need a costume!

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