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Upgraded To Main Cast

My whole life I’ve wanted to be an actor and even though I’ve come close to achieving my dream a few times now, I’ve never had the perfect opportunity and have dwindled in bit parts and extra roles for the past ten years. I’m now nearly thirty and barely getting by while younger, more desirable male actors are getting the roles that I should be scoring. It’s a stressful life to say the least and I was desperate for luck to finally get on my side for once.

Recently I’ve been working as an extra on the new CW show Riverdale. It’s not really my type of show but they pay pretty decently considering I’m only ever in the background of shots as one of the teachers working at Archie’s school. The main cast never talk to the extras like me - it’s as if we’re a whole world away and they don’t want to even associate with us. Of course that’s only soured my attitude even more because not only am I not getting the acting roles that I deserve but I’m also not being treated with enough respect. Is that really too much to ask for?

After finishing up on set for the day, I was fully content with my plans to grab some take-out on my way home and collapse in front of the television with some beer and yet found myself stopping short just by the main cast’s trailers. The door to KJ Apa’s trailer was wide open and the blue-and-yellow letterman jacket he wore as Archie was resting on the steps but there didn’t seem to be any noise coming from inside. Had he just thrown the jacket down and wondered off without really caring? That seemed pretty reckless of him.

Too curious for my own good, I changed course and crept closer to the trailer until I finally had the jacket in my hands. I was surprised at how soft it felt and even though I had been thinking about turning it back in to the costume department I quickly changed my plans. Glancing around to make sure nobody was watching me, I then ducked into the open trailer and locked the door behind me.

Being alone in the main star’s trailer felt like an invasion of privacy and my heart was beating rapidly as a result and yet adrenaline was taking over. Without any real idea of what I was doing, I stepped in front of the mirror and pulled on the letterman jacket to admire how I might look if I’d scored the role of Archie instead of KJ. Hell, I’d even auditioned for it because I was desperate for work but the producers had never really given me a shot.

I wasn’t too surprised to find that the jacket was a little small on me, tugging under my armpits and barely reaching my ankles. I’m both taller and a little wider on the waistline than KJ so it was to be expected but still made me feel a little deflated knowing I’d never look as good in it as he did. Still I continued to stare at my reflection and pose with the jacket on, grinning like a fool. It was a silly thought but I could swear that the lighting of the trailer was making my hair look a little ginger as opposed to my normal dark brown hair. 

The longer I stared at my reflection the more I began to notice just how handsome I actually was. Seriously, why weren’t casting agents rushing to get me on their shows when I look this good? My skin’s clear, my jawline’s well-defined and I’ve got a winning smile that anybody would love. Didn’t they see what they were missing out on?

Shrugging my shoulders, I pat my stomach and by chance noticed just how firm my torso felt. I think it’s fair to say that having not been cast in any major roles throughout my career I let my diet slack and my body paid the price. Right now though I felt as lean and defined as I did in my late teens and as I ran my hand over my t-shirt I swore I could even feel abs!

“What the hell?” I gasped in a voice that didn’t quite sound like my own. Grabbing at the bottom of my shirt I lifted it ever so slightly and yep, I had abs. How on earth was that even possible? I definitely hadn’t had abs earlier on in the day when I’d been getting dressed in the costume department.  Now even the jacket was fitting me better and I was beginning to have serious questions about what was going on.

In fact the closer I looked, the more I realized that handsome face I was admiring didn’t even look like me anymore. I almost looked like… no, I looked exactly like KJ Apa himself! 

“I’ve gotta be dreaming,” I muttered to myself in a voice I instantly recognized as KJ’s and not my own. I’m a pretty smart guy - it didn’t take me long to realize what had happened. Somehow by wearing Archie’s jacket I had become the actor who played him and my mind was seriously struggling to comprehend that because it didn’t seem feasible and yet here I was as living proof that it really had happened!

Patting down my body I took notice of every little thing that was different - the bigger biceps, thicker thighs, more sensitive nipples, more impressive cock… everything felt and looked like an upgrade to what I had been working with before. I was definitely leading man quality now, there’s no denying that!

The question I was left asking myself though was if I was now KJ, what happened to the real man in question? I had absolutely no clue but the longer I stayed in his trailer the more I realized all his personal items such as his cell phone and wallet were still there. He couldn’t have left the set and yet he hadn’t returned to his trailer earlier which led me to believe he had simply vanished and I had replaced him. 

Was it for good? I wasn’t sure but there was a relatively large part of me that was definitely hoping it was because with KJ’s body I’d be able to finally live the dream I’d waited my whole adult life for.

I hesitated before pulling the letterman jacket off, worried that it would reverse my unexplained transformation and yet nothing happened. Even as I took layers of clothing off I remained looking like an exact copy of Riverdale’s main star and I couldn’t be have been happier about it. Before long I’d worked up a sweat and explored this younger, far more desirable body for myself culminating in an explosive climax that left me covered in sweat and panting for breath. As far as first impressions went this was a damn good one.

This isn’t exactly how I imagined getting the success that I had worked hard for but I was hardly going to complain. I’m a bonafide heartthrob and the lead actor of my very own show! Maybe it isn’t exactly up to the quality of acting I wanted to do but that hardly matters anymore because no matter what anybody says, I’ve made it! You won’t catch me being an extra or side character anymore, that’s for damn sure.

Mr Cavanaugh lounged back in his office chair, watching the entire event in KJ’s trailer from a screen on his desk. His lips were drawn into a thin smile as he continued to watch the new KJ Apa pose and flaunt in front of the mirror, unaware that the man he had replaced was now that exact letterman jacket that had quickly been discarded. 

The young actor had owed him a favor but failed to deliver and that wasn’t something folks like Mr Cavanaugh looked too kindly upon. He happened to think the new KJ Apa might be a bit more agreeable - especially when he was introduced to the man responsible for his big promotion from extra to main star. It would mean one more celebrity stud in Mr Cavanaugh’s back pocket and he really had no plans of slowing down any time soon…

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