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Uncontrollable Laughter

A short birthday gift for my good friend @the-craftsman!

Richard Madden knew that he was supposed to be promoting his latest movie but he had a slight issue that he couldn’t quite explain - he couldn’t stop laughing. His body felt like it was being tickled by the very clothes he wore and it had provoked nervous laughter out of him that quickly become uncontrollable. Not only that but he found himself getting hard in his suit trousers almost instantly, his arousal trumping his embarrassment at such a thing happening in public.

Preoccupied in trying to hold himself together and stop laughing, Richard was totally clueless to the fact that he had once again been placed under a transformative spell. It wasn’t too long ago that his body had been used by both the Craftsman and Mr Cavanaugh, occasions that he couldn’t forget easily, and the latter had returned to call upon his services once again. The tickling he felt spreading across his body wasn’t just to make him laugh, it was actually transforming him slowly but surely over the space of an hour.

The beauty of Mr Cavanaugh’s magic was that the people around Richard didn’t seem to notice that he was both laughing loudly and shrinking down to a much smaller size, his body reshaping until he was no longer distinguishable as human. All the while he was transforming he felt nothing but pleasure as if every part of him was being teased by a pair of soft lips that encouraged his body to bend and reshape.

As the final minutes ticked down on his transformation, Richard finally became aware of what was happening to him and exactly why it was. The Craftsman’s birthday was right around the corner and there was no better gift than a brand new pair of boxers with one of the Craftsman’s favorite men inside that fabric body. He didn’t have an ounce of regret for what was happening to him as he felt himself be transported from the live interview for Mr Cavanaugh’s domain where he was quickly wrapped inside a gift box, ready to be handed over to the birthday boy.

By the time the Craftsman finally got his hands on him Richard was all but begging to be worn. He couldn’t wait to feel filled up again and he knew that his new owner wouldn’t put him to waste, no matter what body he was currently in!

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